Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi

Research Student

Prof. N. H. Ravindranath and Prof. R. Sukumar's Labs

Centre For Ecological Sciences

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore - 560 012



Thanks for Your interest in my work.


My research interest lies in the phenomenon of Climate Change. Currently, I am working towards development of Agro-Ecological-Zone specific carbon uptake models as well as 'emission and sequestration coefficients' for the 'Land use change and Forestry sector', through extensive field ecological studies in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. These experimentally estimated coefficients will help us in  estimating reliable carbon Inventories for LULUCF sector. Further, carbon uptake models will help us in formulating India specific comprehensive models for the estimation of Mitigation Potential.


I am also interested in the likely scenarios as to how the predicted changes (SRES Scenarios of IPCC) in climate may impact the existing vegetation patterns in India as well as its bio-diversity. In this direction our research group is working towards development of forest type specific plant physiological parameters, to develop dynamic vegetation response models as well as to test & verify existing models for Indian conditions. My doctoral thesis is titled as "Climate change mitigation and adaptation synergy in Indian LULUCF sector". For Further details of my work you may consult my Curriculum Vitae.





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Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi

Prof. NH Ravindranath's Lab

Centre for Ecological Sciences

Indian Institute of Science


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E-Mail: rajiv[AT]ces.iisc.ernet.in


URL: http://ces.iisc.ernet.in/rajiv/