Manvi Sharma

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Int. Ph.D.
Name: Manvi Sharma

Broadly, my fields of interest are behavioral and evolutionary ecology and population biology. As part of my PhD work, I am trying to understand evolution of oviposition site selection strategies in female mosquitoes and mainly how individual female behaviour contributes towards mosquito populations.

Back in the school days, like most kids I was never sure of what I wanted to do for a living, as I kept see-sawing between different options at different points in time. Once I was almost certain I wanted to start a small scale handicrafts business but the idea could not hold me for long and I wanted to be a basketball player. I recall once I had considered painting as a career. As I grew up I got more lost than ever and gave in to family pressures of pursuing science as a career. For past two years the idea of research in ecology has held me and kept me enough fascinated. Currently I am with Kavita Isvaran and I keep myself amused by writing code in lab and painting and playing basketball outside lab.

Kavita Isvaran