Lakshy Katariya

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Int. Ph.D.
Name: Lakshy Katariya

My interest in science and research popped up during graduation while doing B.Sc (H) Biomedical Sciences from Acharaya Narendra Dev College (Delhi University). It was in this course and particularly in medical biotechnology classes that I was encouraged to ask questions unhesitatingly, something that sparked the inquisitiveness in me. My interest flared in molecular aspects of biochemistry and biotechnology. I started to look for how and why of things and phenomenon that I studied and would rest only when the details have been answered to satisfaction. With this bent of mind I joined Integrated PhD Biological Sciences program which is designed in such a way that students get an opportunity to find out which research area they want to pursue. Though CES was never in my mind as a likely possibility, but it was only the central theme of my project- microbiology, friendly lab environment and Prof. Renee as the guide which prompted me to pursue my PhD in Ecological Sciences department. I really liked that evolution, behavior, microbiology, molecular biology have been married together in this project! The constant challenges that the project throws at us keeps us constantly thinking, discovering and inventing, sometimes amazing me at the kind of solutions that we come up with and even more when they work!

Renee M. Borges