Souvik Mandal

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Name: Souvik Mandal

I had spent most of my childhood in countryside. Those days, I had very less work and enough time that gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. And without any modern entertainment like TV, videogame etc. (but radio was there), the best entertainment for me was to spent time watching the free and most available entertainment, that is the nature. And like any other kid, I used to ask several questions to myself (as asking the adults often went wrong and ended up in some unsatisfactory answer), for instance, why the dragonflies have four transparent wings and butterflies only two and that also colourful and opaque or why this bird makes sound like that and this bird like that. Most of the time adults generally concluded those as foolish questions which don’t have any basic. And when I became an adult, I got to know that in fact, there are many such “fools” who ask and try to get answer of such “foolish” questions and these “fools” are called scientists. And I decided to transform my hobby into my profession.

Raghavendra Gadagkar