Jyotsana Dixit

Post Doctorate
Name: Jyotsana Dixit
Selected Publications: 

Dixit J., Arunyawat U., Huong N.T., Das A. 2014. Multilocus nuclear DNA markers reveal population structure and demography of Anopheles minimus. Molecular Ecology (Accepted manuscript online: 29 SEP 2014 11:14AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/mec.12943).

Dixit J., Srivastava H., Saksena D.N. and Das A., 2011. Multilocus nuclear DNA markers and genetic parameters in an Indian Anopheles minimus population, Infection Genetics and Evolution 11: 572-579.

Srivastava H., Sharma M., Dixit J., Dash A.P and Das A., 2010. Evolutionary genetic insights into insecticide resistance gene families of Anopheles gambiae, Infection Genetics and Evolution, 10: 620-628.

Dixit J., Srivastava H., Sharma M., Das M.K., Singh O.P., Raghavendra K., Dash A.P., Saksena D.N., Das A., 2010. Phylogenetic inference of Indian malaria vectors from multilocus DNA sequences, Infection Genetics and Evolution, 10: 755-763.

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