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Dinesh Subba has been working on the Arunachal Pradesh long-term bird project on bird demography since 2011                Mayavan has been working in the Nilgiris since the 1990s and has assisted a range of researchers from CES as well as other organisations.


Recent Publications of Priti Hebbar, DST-Inspire Faculty, CES

Priti, H., Gururaja, K. V., Aravind, N. A., & Ravikanth, G. (2021). Influence of microhabitat on the distribution of tadpoles of three endemic Nyctibatrachus species (Nyctibatrachidae) from the Western Ghats, India. Biotropica 

Short title: Microhabitat factors influencing Nyctibatrachus tadpoles 

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Fellow for Forest Dynamics Research in the Long-Term Ecological Observatories (LTEO) programme

  • Ability to independently facilitate meetings and attention to detail and planning.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English as demonstrated in scientific publications.
  • Quantitative skills including study design and statistical analysis in R (preferably) or other tools.

Candidates with the following additional qualifications/skills will be preferred:

Zeroing In with Prof. Renee M Borges

Podcast from the Borges Lab (courtesy Zeroing In. The Science Podcast)

Part I:

"Around 200 years back, Darwin set out on his historic voyage around the world, observing and cataloguing the immense diversity the world had to offer, he laid down the foundation for a theory that shook the foundation of biology, the theory of evolution out of which was born the field of evolutionary ecology which tries to unravel the countless puzzles of life nature has to offer.

Professor Rohini Balakrishnan in an interview with Kathryn Knight

Rohini in Field

Photo credit: Mohammed Aamir Sadiq

Professor Rohini Balakrishnan of CES has been featured in the 'Conversation' section of the latest issue of Journal of Experimental Biology.

In an interview with Kathryn Knight, she describes her journey: how she became a bioacoustician and her experiences as a field biologist.


Acoustic Synchrony in Complex Calls

Synchrony between individuals or even non-living entities is one of the most striking natural phenomena: from clock pendulums that move in phase to fireflies that flash their light signals together and light up entire trees to crickets, katydids, cicadas and frogs that produce loud, synchronous acoustic choruses. The synchronising calls of species that have been hitherto investigated are however typically simple sound chirps or light flashes that are produced rhythmically at a particular rate.

Experiments in Animal Behaviour - Cutting-Edge Research at Trifling Cost. Gadagkar R

Animal Behaviour

Gadagkar - 2021 - Experiments in Animal Behaviour - Cutting-Edge Research at Trifling Cost. Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. Access full text of this book at:

In this book, I introduce readers to the study of animal behaviour by describing simple experiments, both old and new, designed to understand how and why animals behave the way they do.