Symposium at CES on 13 September 2019 at 9:00 am titled "Symposium on Collective behaviour" by from CES, IISc

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Symposium on Collective behaviour
Date & Time: 
13 Sep 2019 - 9:00am
Event Type: 
CES Seminar Hall, 3rd Floor, Biological Sciences Building

We are organizing a One-day symposium themed Collective behaviour on Sept 13th, 2019 at Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc. The objective of this event is to bring together researchers in Bengaluru working in the area of collective behaviour/phenomena from diverse fields- ecology to physics and engineering.



Session 1


Prof Sriram Ramaswamy, Physics, IISc: Flocks in fluid


Dr Divya Bellur,APU: Collective behaviour in prey capture and web-building in socia spiders


Dr Shashi Thutupalli, NCBS: Probing the physical basis of metabolism

Posters and Tea


Student posters + Tea

Session 2


Prof Guy Theraulaz, CRCA, CNRS, France & Infosys Chair Professor at IISc: Secrets of a swarm architect: how do ants coordinate their actions to build their nest


12:30-14:00: Lunch

Session 3


Dr Danny Raj, Chemical Engg., IISc: Moving through a crowd: a nature-inspired traffic rule


Dr Maria Thaker, CES, IISc: The Moving Megaherbivore


Dr Mohit K Jolly, BSSE, IISc: United cancer cells stand, divided they fall: decoding mechanisms of collective cell migration during cancer metastasis

Posters and Tea

15:00-15:45: Student posters + Tea

Session 4


Dr Varsha Singh, MRDG, IISc: Plasticity in the swarming behavior of Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Dr Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy, ICTP, IISc: Patterns in active fluids: nonlinear oscillations, boundary shapes, manifolds and all that


Prof Raghavendra Gadagkar, CES, IISc: How wasps choose their new queens - the most important and least understood collective behaviour in the primitively eusocial wasp Ropalidia marginata


Satyajeet Gupta, CES, IISc: Density-dependent fitness effects of hitchhikers on a mutualism

Nikita Zachariah, CES, IISc: Brick-laying to Building Mud Castles: Mound Construction by a Fungus-farming Termite

Tarun, Karthika, Nipun, Civil Engg. IISc: Understanding the Dynamics of a Spiritually Motivated Crowd - Experiences from Kumbh Mela - 2016

Sree Subha Ramaswamy, NCBS: Role of water and pheromones in mound-building behaviour of termites

Hemalatha Somanathan, NCBS: Bee curtain of Asian dwarf honey bee Apis florea

Jitesh Jhawar, CES, IISc: Emergent group-level patterns in fish are explained by simple pairwise interactions

Aakanksha, CES, IISc: Lek polygyny: emergent group behaviour in the mating context

Organizing team,

Jitesh Jhawar (CES, IISc)

Vishwesha Guttal (CES, IISc)

Danny Raj (Chem Engg, IISc)

Pritha Kundu (CES, IISc)