About CES

CES The Centre for Ecological Sciences, founded in 1983 with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Forests offers exciting opportunities for research in a variety of areas in ecology. Over the past 25 years, and more, we have instilled a tradition of rigorous enquiry in diverse areas of ecology, evolution and behavior. Our projects are often integrative and we use multiple approaches from theoretical and laboratory studies to field-based research to explore our research questions. A number of our research areas are breaking new ground in ecology while others have significant roles in conservation.


Important information for applicants who have been called for PhD program interviews at CES, IISc. The interview process for the Ph.D. program at CES comprises of two stages. During the first stage (1 - 3 June 2015), each candidate will be interviewed by a panel of CES faculty. At the end of each day, the names of shortlisted candidates will be posted outside the CES office. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in the second round on either Thursday (4 June) or Friday (5 June).

About IISc

Image The Indian Institute of Science, located in the heart of Bangalore on 400 acres of lush scrub and plantation forest, is a premier research and education centre for science and engineering in the country. The Institute comprises of five divisions, consisting of 34 departments, and over 450 faculty. Having recently celebrated our 100th year since inception in 1909, IISc continues to evolve. The Institute now offers a 4-year undergraduate B.Sc. programme, in addition to Master’s degrees, Integrated Ph.D, and and Ph.D. programmes.