June 2009 Design S.P.Vijayakumar
PhD student
My current research interests include behavioral and
community ecology with a focus on tropical bird species.
Research: (current and past research)
Past research (2004-2006): During my Master’s (Wildlife Science) at Wildlife Institute of India, I
carried out a project examining the effects of habitat degradation on mixed-species bird flocks in a
fragmented rainforest landscape in the Anaimalai hills of the Western Ghats. Before and after my
master’s, I worked in the same landscape on projects examining human-elephant conflict and mammal
use of rainforest fragments, with Nature Conservation Foundation.
Current research (2006-till date): I joined the PhD programme at CES, IISc in July 2006. My PhD
thesis focuses on mixed-species bird flocks in terrestrial habitats. Using a combination of quantitative
syntheses and primary field data collection I’m trying to find out what drives birds to participate in
these flocks and whether there are rules which govern their assembly.
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Conference /seminar proceedings
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      Popular articles
      Sridhar, H. 2008. Eating with the enemy. Sanctuary Asia 28 (4):46-51