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Kartik Shanker

Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore &

Dakshin Foundation, Bangalore 


I am interested in diversity at various levels of organisation, from genes to ecosystems, and at various scales from local communities to macro-ecological scales. My research group works on the community ecology and biogeography of various taxa, including marine invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds. We combine field ecology, phylogenetics and ecological modelling to understand evolutionary and biogeography patterns. I am also continuing my research on the ecology and evolutionary biology of marine turtles more



I am interested in evolving marine conservation paradigms and analysing policy in the context of conservation and livelihoods. I would like to develop approaches that are participatory and promote the sustainable use of natural resources. I am also attempting to set up networks for conservation along the coast more

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  • Oommen, M.A. & K. Shanker (2010) Shrewd alliances: mixed foraging associations between treeshrews, greater racket tailed drongos and sparrowhawks on Great Nicobar Islands, India. Biology Letters 6:304-307.
  • Feagin, R.A., N. Mukherjee, K. Shanker et al. (2010) Shelter from the storm? The use and misuse of ‘bioshields’ in managing for natural disasters on the coast. Conservation Letters 3:1-11.
  • Sridhar, H., G. Beauchamp and K. Shanker (2009) Why do birds participate in mixed-species foraging flocks? A large-scale synthesis. Animal Behaviour 78: 337 – 347.
  • Karnad, D., K. Isvaran, C.S. Kar and K. Shanker (2009) Lighting the way: reducing the impact of light on misorientation of olive ridley turtle hatchlings at Rushikulya, India. Biological Conservation 142: 2083 – 2088.
  • Seminoff, J.A. and K. Shanker (2008) Marine turtles and IUCN Red Listing: a review of the process, pitfalls and novel assessment approaches. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 356: 52-68.
  • Shanker, K., A. Hiremath and K.S. Bawa (2005) Linking Biodiversity Conservation and Livelihoods in India. PLOS Biology 3: 1878-1880
  • Oommen, M.A. & K. Shanker (2005) Regional species richness patterns emerge from multiple local scale mechanisms in Himalayan plants. Ecology 86: 3039-3047
  • Shanker, K. & R. Kutty (2005) Sailing the flagship fantastic: myth and reality of sea turtle conservation in India. Maritime Studies 3(2) and 4(1): 213-240.
  • Shanker, K., J. Rama Devi, B.C. Choudhury, L. Singh & R.K. Aggarwal (2004) Phylogeography of  olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) on the east coast of India: implications for conservation theory. Molecular Ecology 13: 1899-1909.
  • Shanker, K., B. Pandav & B.C. Choudhury (2004) An assessment of the olive ridley turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) nesting population in Orissa, India.  Biological Conservation 115: 149 – 160.

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