Centre for Contemporary Studies


412. A Brief Look at Happiness Across Non-Western Cultures by Helaine Selin
411. Science and Technology and Innovation Policies and Access, Equity and Inclusion: Issues in Theory, Practice and Measurement by Krishna Ravi Srinivas
410. The Ethics of Invention by Sheila Jasanoff
409. Securing India: Key Factors and Actors by Hormis Tharakan
408. The Web of Freedom: J.C.Kumarappa and Gandhi's Struggle for Economic Justice by Venu Madhav Govindu
407. Yoga is not what most of us think by Rajan Gurukkal
406. Tensions between the Legislature and the Judiciary - A Democratic Problem?
405. Judicial Indpendence and Appointment of Judges by Dieter Grimm
404. The Culture of the Metropolis and its Imagination as Interpreted in the Architectural Ornament - The Case of Mumbai/Bombay by Kaiwan Mehta
403. The Politics of Time: Chinese Pasts and Japanese Afterlives by Viren Murthy
402. Insight and Blindness in Humanistic Knowledge by Michel Chouli
401. Hannah's Dress: Berlin 1904-2014 by Pascale Hugues
400. Ambedkar's Last Speech at the Constituent Assembly of India by Rajan Gurukkal
399. The University of Wurzburg - A Journey through German Science from the Middle Ages to the Present by Juergen Kreft
398. What is Interdisciplinary? How is it different from Multidisciplinary? by Rajan Gurukkal
397. Coming of Age in Sports Journalism: On the pure joy and hard business of watching and reporting sport
396. Human Knowledge: An Evolutionary Perspective by Madhav Gadgil
395. A Forgotten Script from Ancient Kerala: Garshuni Malayalam by Istvan Perczel
394. Sites of Knowledge: Situating Select Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Modern Education by Girija KP
393. The Experience of the 'Intimate' in Contemporary Keralam: Towards an understanding of the Erotic Economy by Ranjini Krishnan P
392. Fostering Breathrough Research: Challenges for Global Research Systems by Mats Benner
391. On National Security by Hormis Tharakan
390. Lecture 8: Anthropic Reasoning in Cosmology: Metaphysics of Future Life by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
389. Lecture 7: Aspects of Philosophy of Nano Science by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
388. Lecture 6: Aspects of Philosophy of Biology by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
387. MIT & The Technological Indian: Some Suprises by Ross Bassett
386. Gandhi and the West by Vinay Lal
385. Lecture 5: Philosophical Aspects of Physics by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
384. Lecture 4: Science as Theory and Ideology in the Present Society by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
383. Lecture 3: Historiography of Science: Critical Perspectives by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
382. Lecture 2: Western Philosophical Issues of Knowledge and Immanuel Kant by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
381. The Neurobiology of Aesthetic Experiences and the Significance of Beauty by Semir Zeki
380. Lecture 1: Non-European Antecedents of Science: The Indian Experience by Rajan Gurukkal (Historiography and Philosophy of Science)
379. Legislating for Justice The Making of the 2013 Land Acquisition Law by Jairam Ramesh
378. Issues in Doctoral Education and Innovation Policies Looking Beyond One's National Horizon by Maresi Nerad
377. Lecture 2: The Emergence of Science II by Sunandan.K.N
376. Lecture 1: The Emergence of Science I by Sunandan.K.N
375. Story Telling: History, Techniques and Context by ShobaNarayan
374. Locations of Knowledge: The University, Liberal education and the case in India by Shashikala Srinivasan
373. Dividing labour by objects or activities? Experimental evidence of a cognitive bias by Massimo Warglien
372. Ahmedabad a city in the world by Ashish Nandy
371. Conservation and development the challenges by Dr.V.S.Vijayan
370. Towards the sustainable mode of forest conservation in India by P.N.Unnikrishnan
369. Understanding Responses to Colonial Health Policy in Mumbai: Cartoons in the Hindi Punch by Dr.Mridula Ramanna
368. Global Terror and Intelligence by Hormis Tharakan
367. Chinese Science and Technology Parks: Development and Construction Experience by WANG Delu
366. Do it yourself Synthetic Biology-Bio hacking,Democratization of science and social good by KrishnaRavi Srinivas
365. How Parliament Works A personal take by Rajeev Gowda
364. Talk on Elections by Gopalswami
363. Panel Discussion on Science and Superstition Dialogue: A Anti Superstition Legislation.
362. What humanities/Social Sciences can mean: Transmuting the 'Two Cultures' idea by Sasheej Hegde
361. Ecology growth and Democracy in India talk by Jairam Ramesh
360. Studying human social foraging groups in Berlin talk by Hari Sridhar
359. Quest for a Culture of Excellence in Indian Universities talk by Prof.Bharat H Desai
358. Decennial Seminar Session5 "Historical Epistemologyi" Lecture by Rajan Gurukkal
357. Decennial Seminar Session5 "Knowledge Generation in Ayurveda" Lecture by Venugopalan & " Polysemy of the Prabanda" by Naresh Keerti
356. Decennial Seminar Session5 "Metallergy in Indian Antiquity" Lecture by Sharada & "From the Mythology of Vaastushastra" by R.V.Achari
355. Decennial Seminar Session4 "Bodies of Knowledge in Kathakali" Lecture by M.V.Narayanan & Subbarayalu
354. Decennial Seminar Session4 "In Search of the Beginnings of Specialised Knowledge Production in Early Tamil" Lecture by Prof.Champakalakshmi
353. Decennial Seminar Session3 "Inference as a Means of Valid Knowledge in Indian Epistemological Tradition" by Rajendran, "How Meaning is Generated" by Raghava Varier, "Knowledge Production, Dissemination and Practice" by Dambarudhar Nath
352. Decennial Seminar Session3 "Nagarjuna's Critique of Pramanas" Lecture by T.K.A.Nizar
351. Lonely Friendships of "Largeness & Freedom" Charles Andrews, Mahatma Gandhi,Rabindranath Tagore An Epistolary Account from Santiniketan's History talk by Prof.DasguptaUma
350. Decennial Seminar Session2 "Debate as a Methodoogy of Knowledge production in Pre-Modern India" Lecture by Raghuram Raju
349. Decennial Seminar Session2 "The importance of doubt in Indian philosophy" Lecture by Sundar Sarukkai
348. Decennial Seminar Session2 "What is Indian about Indian Mathematics?" Lecture by P.P.Divakaran
347. Decennial Seminar Session2 "Three Contemporary Astronomers of 16th Century" Lecture by Balachandra Rao
346. Decennial Seminar Session1 "Comparing Mathematical Traditions" Talk by George Gheevarghese Joseph
345. Decennial Seminar Session1 "Charakas's approach to Knowledge" Talk by M.S.Valiathan 
344. Decennial Seminar Session1 "Knowledge of the Past before us" Lecture by Romila Thapar 
343. Decennial Seminar Session1-Introduction by Raghavendra Gadagkar
342. Why having a "Conversation" between Humanities and the Natural Sciences so very hard? by Michel Chaouli 
341 Community Landscape and Memory panel discussion by Annie valk, Nitin Rai, Heather Goodall
340. Genetically Engineered Crops in India by Prof.Chavali Kameswara Rao
339. Mapping Locality:Gender,Space and the production of Neighborhood Cultures by Janaki Abraham
338. Visible and Invisible cities:Rawi Hage's postcolonial Urban Fiction by Yumna Siddiqi
337. Spacial Science and Society by Prashanth Hedao
336. Film in Comparison 2009 by Vasanthi Mariadass
335. Territorial Realism: Film Spectatorship, Rights and a Very Bombay History by Ashish Rajadhyaksha
334. Sex(uality) and the city by Danish Sheikh & Darshana Mitra

Provincial Globalisation: Remapping the region in India by Carol Upadhya

332. Space and the Cooperative Governance of Urban Commons by Prof.Harini Nagendra
331. Economics of India by Dr. Ashok Desai
330. Reforms and After by Dr. Ashok Desai
328. Heterotopia-The Post-structural Understanding of Spatiality by Rajan Gurukkal
327. Socio-Spatial Praxis by Rajan Gurukkal
326. Social Production of Space by Rajan Gurukkal
325. Spatial Experience: Social Theoretical Preliminaries by Rajan Gurukkal
324. Local Labyrinths: Language as a Problematic by Ashwin Kumar
323. Turning towards the bodily subject: theorising the field of visibility in contemporary India by Nitya Vasudevan
308. 'Khushi/ Gham/ Tristeza/ Felicidade: Brazil, India and the Promise of Postcolonial Happiness", by Ananya Jahanara Kabir
307. 'The Interface between Ecology and Development: Conflict and Cooperation", by Amit Bhaduri
306. Book "Magical Mantids", by Ananda Shikhara Bhat
302. "A Prosperous China faces problems at home and contradictions abroad", by C.V. Ranganathan
301. "Evolution of Indian Judiciary since Independence", by Honourable Justice Jasti Chelameswar
299. "Design of Smart Villages", by N. Viswanadham
298. "An Exploration of Theories of Caste and Caste Discrimination for Modern India and Japan" by Jessica Main
297. "One hundred years of remembering: The 'Komagata Maru' and Punjabi migration to Canada, 1914-2014", by Anne Murphy
296. "The Novel and the City", by Yumna Siddiqi
295. Thesis Title:"Unravelling Ethnic Tensions: Colonialism, Post Colonialism and The Question of Identity in Assam", by Bitasta Das

"Doing The Humanities Digitally", by Dr. Susan Schreibman

291. "Re-sourcing Indian Cinema : Humanities Research, New Archives and Collaborative Knowledge Production" And a book launch "Politics as Performance: A Social History of the Telugu Cinema, by S.V. Srinivas"
290. "History of Ayurveda : An Enquiry in Epistemology", by M. R. Raghava Varier
289. "Building On Goodwill - India And The Former Communist States", by Gauri Shankar Gupta
288. "Let Thousand Commons 'Bloom' and Flourish: From Tragedy of Commons to Proliferation of Commons", by Ravi Srinivas
287. "Hindi Film Music: Partition and After", by Nalin Shah
285. "A Reappraisal of Gandhi's Prescience", by Prof. Rajan Gurukkal

"Reviving A Craft - How Etikoppaka Rediscovered Lacquer", by C. V. Raju

282. "Telangana: From Maoism to Mass Culture", by S. V. Srinivas
280. "Global Recession and its Aftermath", by Prof. Srinivas Raghavendra & P T Manalakos
278. "Women’s Education Debates in Kerala: Fashioning Sthreedharmam", by Teena Antony
277. "In Quest of Flaubert: Palimpsest as a narrative mode", by Dr. Rongili Biswas
276. "An Indian Education for Indian Children: the family-school relationship and Indian arts", by Prof. Nita Kumar
275. "Implications of Knowledge Economy", by Prof. Rajan Gurukkal
274. "Fundamental and Applied: Religious Practices in U.S. and Indian Technology", by Robert M Geraci
273. "The Technosocial Subject: Cities, Cyborgs and Cyberspace", by Nishant N. Shah
272. "The Logical Geography of Educational Institutions of a Society", by B. Narahari Rao
271. "Talking Thro’ the Strings: Art and Science in the Evolution of Music and Musical Instruments", by S. Balachander
270. "Promise and Unrest", by Alan Grossman
269. "Machinic Bodies as Boundary Bodies: Reflections on the Impact of Body-Machine Images on Human Self-Understanding", by Alexander Darius Ornella
267. "Workshop on Photography, Documentary Making and Exhibition Technique as an Aid to Education", 7th March by Fabian Da Costa & Anne Da Costa
267. "Workshop on Photography, Documentary Making and Exhibition Technique as an Aid to Education", 6th March by Fabian Da Costa & Anne Da Costa
267. "Workshop on Photography, Documentary Making and Exhibition Technique as an Aid to Education", 5th March by Fabian Da Costa & Anne Da Costa
266. "A Narrative of the Manuscripts: From Digital Preservation to Historical Research", by Father Columba Stewart, Prof. Istvan Perczel & Father Ignatius Payyappilly
265. "Pakistan: The Garrison State. Origins, Evolution, Consequences (1947–2011)", by Ishtiaq Ahmed
264. "Separate and Unequal: On Coexistence", by Dr. Marcy Newman
262. "Post colonialism, Marxism and the Problem of Pan-Asianism", by Prof. Viren Murthy
261. "The usefulness of seemingly useless knowledge", by Prof. Helga Nowotny
260. Documentary Film Screening, "Inside Job"
259. "Fixing Clive in History", by Prakash Belawadi
258. "Disappearing Professions In Urban India & Street Space, Bangalore", by Clare Arni & "Film Screening “Jharu-Katha”, by Navroze Contractor
257. "Researching The Body", by Padmini Chettur
256. "Speaking Cinematically", by Rajat Kapoor
255. "Song for an ancient land— a practitioner’s reflections on the moving image today", by Kabir Mohanty
254. "Forming Fiction", by Sharmistha Mohanty
253. "Musical Musings", by Rajeev Raja
252. "From Design to Marble: Making the Parthenon in Athens", by Prof. Rolf Schneider
251. "Reading classical art and archaeology today", by Prof. Rolf Schneider
250. "Geology of Morals and the Politics of Nature", by Rohan D'Souza
248. "The Problem of Subjectivity and Objectivity in the Study of Religion", by Susan Visvanathan
247. Module VI - Problems for Contemporary Psychology: The Indiscipline of a Discipline, by Anup Dhar
246. Module V - Understanding Human Problem Solving Using Network Analysis, by Sudarshan Iyengar
245. Module IV - Between the devil of “women's knowledges” & the deep sea of “women's experience”: lessons for a feminist epistemology, by Asha Achuthan
244. Module III - Conflicts between General Laws and Religious Norms, by Dieter Grimm
243. "Human Dignity – a Paradigm of Modern Constitutionalism", by Dieter Grimm
242. Module II - "Science, History and the History of Science", by Jahnavi Phalkey
241. "Inauguration Of The Fourth Edition Of The Mini Course/Lecture series, Production of Knowledge in the Natural and Human Sciences (Module I - Music in the Balance: Language and Modernity in Dharwad, by Tejaswini Niranjana)"
240. "Large-Scale Economics: Epochs, Economies And Empires", Lecture 7: Angus Maddison & Lecture 8: Personal Escapades, by Dr. Ashok Desai
239. "Large-Scale Economics: Epochs, Economies And Empires", Lecture 5: The Theoretical Framework & Lecture 6: Colin Clark, by Dr. Ashok Desai
235. "Large-Scale Economics: Epochs, Economies And Empires", Lecture 1: The Beginnings, by Dr. Ashok Desai
234. "Is the State responsible for high employment?", by Prof. Amit Bhaduri
233. One day workshop on "Contemporary Indian Economy", Organised by CCS & Concern
232. "Syrian Christian History Inscribed on Palm", by Fr. Ignatius Payyappilly
231. "Critical Historiography of Science", by Prof. Rajan Gurukkal
230. "A Snap Shot of The Post Pol Pot Society In Cambodia Today", by M. P. Joseph (Menacherry Paul Joseph)
229. "Music revivals – Major and Minor: Studying the Politics of Performance in Modern South India", by Prof. Lakshmi Subramaniam
228. "Re-imaging space technology: Encounters with Chandrayaan-1 through art-practice perspectives", by Joanna Griffin
227. "Dismal Science of Economic Austerity: Metaphors, Models and Policies" by Dr. Srinivasa Raghavendra
226. "Gender differences in local residents' relationships with protected areas in Asia" by Dr. Teri Allendorf
225. "India's High Economic Growth: Is the Solution the Problem?" by Prof. Amit Bhaduri
223. "Social Sciences: The Missing Beacon of India"by Rama Bijapurkar
222. "The Story of Asia's Elephants" by Prof. R. Sukumar
220. "Roll of Honour" by Amandeep Sandhu
218. "Aravind Adiga's Indian Noir" by Yumna Siddiqi
217. "Encountering Fauna in late 18th and early 19th century Eurocolonial India" by Dr. John Mathew
215. "The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis; Mortaging Our Future" by Praful Bidwai
213. "How I Became a Novelist" by Prof. S. L. Bhyrappa
212. "Video-movies, Spirits and the Popular Imagination" by Prof. Birgit Meyer
"Lecture 4: European Airs: Musical Modernity at the Tanjore Court under the reign of Raja Serfoji II, 1798-1832" by Dr. Savithri Preetha Nair
"Lecture 3: Science as Spectacle: Electrical and Chemical Amusements at the Tanjore Palace, 1798-1832" by Dr. Savithri Preetha Nair
"Lecture 2: Natural History as Vital Economy: Describing Nature in Tanjore in the early Nineteenth Century" by Dr. Savithri Preetha Nair
208. "Lecture 1: The Tanjore Enlightenment, 1798-1832" by Dr. Savithri Preetha Nair
207. "Science Looks at Traditional knowledge" by Prof. Rajan Gurukkal
206. "Why is Modern Medicine Stuck in a Rut?" by Prof. Indraneel Mittra
204. "Biometrics: Privacy and Trust" by Dr. Ian Brown
203. "What is it to be Human?" by Prof.Steven Lukes
"The City As A Laboratory : Exploring the Impact of Engineering and Experimentation on a City" by Amrita Shah
"The Edge of Physics:Crafting a non-fiction narrative that combines hard science with travel writing" by Anil Ananthaswamy
200. "The University of 21st Century:Contents and Curricula" by Yehuda Elkana
198. "Einstein, Picasso; The Art of Science and the Science of Art" by Prof. Arthur I. Miller
197. "Scores for Space - A Theatre of Imaginations" by Ms. Penelope Wehrli
196. "Jagadamba" by Ms. Yashodhara Deshpande Maitra
195. "The Wider Significance of The Concept Of "Nature" by Prof. Akeel Bilgrami
194. "Movemnets in the Brain - The Brian in Movements" by Dr. Arko Ghosh
193. Session 18: The Body in (and out of) the Text: Knowledge Production between the Oral and the Written by Dr. Ananya Jahanara Kabir
192. "Staging a Farce with a Tragic Hero: On Comedy, Tragedy, and The Beginnings of Drama Theory" by Prof. Luca Giuliani
191. Session 17: Burials: The Living and The Dead by Prof. Luca Giuliani
Session 14: A Brief Introduction to Feminist Science Studies by Dr. Gita Chadha and Chayanika Shah (190 Mb)
187. "Fingerprints and Erasures: Mapping the Creaive Process in Science" by Dr. Gita Chadha (108 Mb)
186. "The new world of nanotechnologies: between promises, fears and debates" by Prof. Jacques Arnould (82 Mb)
185. Session 13: Natural disasters, Laws of Science and Moral Work by Prof. Sanil.V (159 Mb)
184. Session 12A : Situating Knowledge in Participatory Processes – creating cocultures of knowledge practices and Session 12B : Participatory Processes and Knowledge Production at the Social and Economic Divide by Dr. N.S. Anuradha and Prof. H.N. Chanakya (152 Mb)
183. Session 11A: Research, Market and Policy: The Construction of Ayurveda in Postcolonial India and Session 11B: Who knows? Some lessons from a Bengali Marxist and a philosopher feminist by Prof. Madhulika Banerjee and Dr. Asha Achuthan (198 Mb)
182. Session 10 A : " Visualizing Nature" and Session 10 B: "Cultural Entomology" by Prof. Barrett Klien ( 215 Mb)
181. "The Technology of Obsolescence" by Prof. J.P.S. Uberoi ( 150 Mb)
180. “SLEEPING IN A SOCIETY: Patterns, plight and purpose of sleep in a bustling hive of honey bees” by Prof. Barrett Klien (106 Mb)
179. Session 9: "Mastery over the Supernatural: Technology and the Dialectic of
Enlightenment" by Prof. S.V. Srinivas
(147 Mb)
178. Session 8: "Science Fiction, Literature and Gender" by Prof. Amie Elizabeth Parry (135 Mb)
177. Session 7A: "Situated Cognition: Re-conceptualizing Epistemology" and Session 7B: The Emotional Brain: Imprints of Life History. by Prof. Amita Chatterjee and Dr. Vidita Vadiya ( 195 Mb)
176. Session 6: "What Kind of Knowledge Do the Humanities Produce?" by Prof. Michel Chaouli (186 Mb)
175. "Kant and the Idea of Life: The Use of Teleological Concepts in Biology" by Prof. Michel Chaouli (115 Mb)
174. Session 5: 'New' Knowledge and 'New' India: Lessons from the Colonial Past by Prof. Deepak Kumar (155 Mb)
172. Session 4A:What is Methodological Individualism? & Session 4B:Why methodological Individualism is mistaken. by Prof. Rajeev Bhargava (136 Mb)
171. “Micro Level Perception and Institutional Response: Impact of Climate Change in Meghalaya” by Prof. Kailash Chandra Malhotra (115 Mb)
170. Library Fellowship Workshop: "Thinking Across Disciplines" (114 Mb)
169. “Between the Monsoon and the Sea: Re-visualizing Mumbai’s Terrain” by Prof. Dilip da Cunha and Dr. Anuradha Mathur (91.3 Mb)
168. Session 3: "War and Peace: Conflict and Cooperation in an Insect Society" by Prof. Raghavendra Gadagkar (108 Mb)
167. "Synthetic Life : Myth and Reality" by Prof. K.P. Gopinathan and Prof. D. Balasubramanian (80 Mb)
166. Session 2: Interdisciplinary Study: A Practice of Convergence by Prof. Rajan Gurukkal (152 Mb)
164. “Interdisciplinarity in environmental research: Insights from 25 years of crossing boundaries” Dr. Sharachchandra Lele on 2nd August 2010 (111 Mb)
165. Session 1: Inauguration of the Course (123 Mb)
163. “Ensuring daughter survival in Tamil Nadu, India”by Dr. Sharada Srinivasan and Arjun S Bedi on 22nd July 2010. (88 Mb)
162. “Digital humanities: How social sciences may benefit from the digital revolution?" by Prof. Dominique Boullier on 9th July 2010. (88 Mb)
161. “How is the Individuality of a Face Recognised?" by Prof. M.K. Unnikrishnan on 17th June 2010 (68 Mb)
159. "Knowledges of life and Responses to Death: Medicine and Post/ Modernity" by Dr. Anirban Das on 10th May 2010. (108 Mb)
158. "Scientific Laws: Do They Pose a Challenge to the Essentialist Theory of Laws? " by Mr.S K Arun Murthi on 6th May 2010. (73 Mb)
157. "The Chromosome Woman: E.K. Janaki Ammal and the Re-ordering of the South Asian Enivronment 1897-1984)" by Dr. Savithri Preetha Nair on 13th April 2010 (66Mb)
156. "Development of Evolutionary theorizing in Darwin's Notebooks 1837 - 1839" by Dr. Abhijeet Bardapurkar on 29th March 2010 (70 Mb)
107. "Library Services, Networks and Open Access: The Example of the Institute for Advanced Study Berlin" by Gesine Bottomley on 17th June 2008 (30 Mb)


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