An excellent collection of over 100 very interesting datasets, that would be
extremely useful for learning statistics,  can be downloaded from here.

 This compilation is courtsey Prof. A. P. Gore, Prof. S.A. Paranjape and
Prof. M. B. Kulkarni of the Department of Statistics, University of Pune.

( If you use  these data sets, it would be nice if you acknowledge the
 Dept of Statistics, University of Pune).

  A good way to begin exploring these would be reading the introduction.
 The msword file    Introduction.doc  is 64000 bytes in size.

 The opening few lines are given below:
 (A.P.Gore, S.A.Paranjpe, M.B.Kulkarni)
 (August 2006)
         This is an essay on problems of quality in Statistics education in
India. We spell out our view of the flaws in current practice and propose
that creative analysis of interesting, real life (preferably Indian) data
sets is one possible step to improve quality. We describe a data book"
prepared by us to help teachers who may wish to practice the ideas presented
here. The book' is available for free download.

 More details about the contents of the datasets, the statistical tools to
be used for analysing them, names of the corresponding worksheet files etc.
can be seen in the msexcel file  DataSort.xls  that is 45568 bytes in size.

 Two files (.doc and .xls) are available for each of the 103 datasets.
For example,the file   Butterflies.xls  contains
data on the number of species in each of the five families of butterflies,
 encountered in the surveys carried out at 44 different locations in India.  
 The accompanying file   Butterflies.doc 
 describes the structure of the data,  gives a brief background of the
study and indicates the statistical techniques that may be used to analyse
and explore the data.

  All the 103 xls files can be obtained by downloading the file  (371067 bytes).

 The corresponding descriptions would be available from the file  (360528 bytes).
 This actually contains 104 files; the additional file 
  Potclean.doc  (29184 bytes) itself contains the
necessary data in a tabular form.

 A user-friendly page that will allow you to download individual files is
under construction.
 For the time being,
 the 103 excel files (containing the data) can be found in the directory
 103worksheetfiles   and
 the 104 word files (containing the description) can be found in the

For contacting Prof. Gore by email, you can use the loginid as apgore
and the server address as

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