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PRESS RELEASE 1996-06-18
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


A Baltic Sea region environmental network on Internet will be developed. This was agreed last week by representatives from 35 major environmental information centres and institutions, in ten countries around the Baltic Sea, during a workshop in Stockholm hosted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP's) GRID-Arendal centre.

The co-operative partnership network is called BALLERINA, which reads BALtic Sea Region On-Line Environmental Information Resources for INternet Access. BALLERINA is intended to support the development of the Baltic region Agenda 21 program that was agreed on at the Visby Summit in May.

The co-operative partnership network has two main objectives. First, it is supposed to bring more substantive and relevant environmental information from the Baltic Sea region to Internet. Second, it is intended to make it e= asier for the increasing number of Internet users to find Baltic Sea region environmental information by offering a 'top-level' BALLERINA WWW home page.

- The use of Internet as an efficient and powerful means to communicate and disseminate environmental information is rapidly increasing. While this can be done on an single institutional basis, recent experiences have shown that the establishment of co-operative networks are more promising, says dr. Sindre Langaas, UNEP/GRID-Arendal centre.

This is in particular so for international regions unified by common environmental concerns, such as the Baltic Sea region. The Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) in North America (concerned with the bi-lateral Great Lakes) serves as a model for BALLERINA.

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