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DJSA's online service is available via telnet and the world wide web. If you wish to access then please telnet to djsa.com or with your browser, Netscape preferred, go to http://www.djsa.com

We offer the following services:

* DJSA's Who's Who Guide - 1996

This Guide is packed with listings of hundreds of companies, educational facilities, information providers and non-profit organizations who offer WWW Sites for you to visit. Just visit....... http://www.djsa.com/whoswho2.htm to get a peak of what they have to offer.

* Web Blaster - FREE for 7 days!

If you wish to set up your own web site, then Web Blaster is for you! Just telnet into djsa.com and then after you have gained access, choose the Web Blaster option from the Main Menu. You'll be able to set up your own web site in minutes and have complete control of your own directory. You can upload and download your web files and graphics. You can edit the files online and you can have as many sub-pages as you like. We offer sites up to 10 megs in space.

* Web Site Manager - FREE for 7 days!

If you do not have telnet and you wish to set up a Web Site, you can use our Web Site Manager program available at http://www.djsa.com This program will allow you to setup and email your files to our system. We set up your web site and place you online within a few hours.

* Domain Name Service

If you wish to get your own domain name we can register it for you. You would have your own domain name (http://www.yourname.com). We can also host your domain on our web server for you. It is all very easy when you allow DJSA to handle all the paperwork.

* HTML Design Services

If you do not know html and want a web site, we will do the work for you. We have great programmers who can do all of your web site design work.

So connect to us today.....just telnet to djsa.com or visit us on the WWW at http://www.djsa.com

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