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Below are listed some resources on the net I forwarded to another list-dweller. They are not, by any means, replacements for this list, but may be of interest to those interested in other solar applications.

On the web:

Solstice Homepage --

Mailing lists:

The following lists were located via web search -- I have no further information on them other than what is included here. The first one may require a knowledge of German -- not sure.

*  IASEE-L Discussion List on Solar Energy Education
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*   IASEE-L Discussion List on Solar Energy Education

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Alternative Energy


Purpose: The AE Alternative Energy Discussion Mailing List is intended to provide a forum to discuss the current state of the art and future direction of alternative energy sources that are renewable and sustainable. An alternative energy source is taken to include solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, electro-chemical, hydro-electric, or any renewable and sustainable energy source.

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List owner: (Clyde R. Visser, KD6GWN) Last change: Mar 95

List Name: solar_utilities
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