Bird Links To The World Major Update And North America List


Dear Cy-birders

Over the last week-end, I updated my list of links to bird-related pages on the internet: it resulted in the addition of about 170 NEW ADDRESSES! There's a real explosion going on in the cyber-birder community! Pages are poping from everywhere and some of them are really (REALLY) great!

There's now about 900 addresses in my list, 95% of them directly related to birds, birders and birding, and the rest (well, ok 4.9%) to bird-related topics of interest to birders. North America is the most represented region, but new pages are adding from everywhere.

In a later update, I'll try to have some sort of code to differentiate the types of pages (local groups, commercial sites, etc. etc.) or, maybe, to provide a rank of appreciation (I think this would be very time- consuming, so I'm not sure yet). I'll keep you informed in time. Suggestions are also much welcome.

I also updated my list of north american birds by state and provinces. I made a few corrections (thanks to Frank Haas for PA and Larry Gorbet for NM) and, I hope, a few improvements. The file is now also bigger, mostly because I added Latin and French names. Please, contact me for any kind of comments on that list. There's a direct link to that file in my list of links, under the header "North America". The Zipped file is now 310 K.

BTW, the URL's are: for the list of links for the North American list

So please visit (and send me your comments),
Good Cy-birding,
Denis Lepage

p.s. please, cross-post where appropriate.

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