Multipurpose Tree Species Network


NFTA Is Now The FACT Net

What is the FACT Net?

The Nitrogen Fixing Tree Association(NFTA) has been assimilated by Winrock International*s Forestry and Natural Resource Management Division and is now the Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network (FACT Net). FACT Net is a global network of people exchanging information on multipurpose trees. This network includes community groups, development workers, tree breeders, researchers, students, and farmers. What brings them together is an interest in the use of multipurpose trees to improve the soil, protect the environment, and enhance the well-being of farm families and other land users. Through research, outreach, and communications, FACT Net provides the information, skills, and resources needed to introduce, improve, and manage multipurpose trees successfully.


For 15 years, through applied research, extension, and communication activities, NFTA has provided the skills and resources necessary to use nitrogen fixing trees for sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Winrock International has been a leader in multipurpose tree research and extension, having managed the Forestry Fuelwood Research and Development Project (F/FRED) for almost 10 years.


The FACT Net will use NFTA publication formats and publish research and extension materials on both N-fixing and non N-fixing multipurpose tree species. These publications include:

FACT Sheets: Six FACT Sheets a year are published for network participants and other readers. Aimed at extension agents, field researchers, community leaders, and farmers, these reference sheets provide a basis for introducing new tree species into research and planting programs. FACT Sheets provide information on the botany, distribution, ecology, uses, propagation and management for each multipurpose species.

Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Research Reports (FACTRR): One volume of Research Reports is published each year with occasional special issues. This report series is a forum for short technical reports on research, extension, and production activities involving multipurpose trees. The emphasis is on the timely reporting of practical information, observations, and experimental results that are likely to be of use to FACT Net participants. Contributions to future volumes are welcomed. All articles are published in English, but whenever feasible, special assistance is provided to authors for whom English is not the first language.

FACT Net News: Three of these newsletters are published each year. FACT Net News informs network participants about new publications and about upcoming workshops and training courses in topics related to multipurpose tree species and natural resources management. FACT Net News also provides updates about current projects and activities implemented by FACT Net and its network participants.

How To Join FACT Net

If you are not already a member of FACT Net or the original NFTA network, we invite you and your colleagues to join the Forest, Farm, and Community Tree Network. We can be contacted at:

Winrock International
38 Winrock Drive
Morrilton, AR 72110 USA
Tel: (501) 727-5435
Fax: (501) 727-5417

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