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 List of Statistics Lists                      Version of 23 May 1996
This is the latest version of my list of statistics lists; help with adding to, correcting, or improving it would be much appreciated.

A number of these lists are now linked to newsgroups, either in the sci.stat.* series or, for software packages, the comp.soft-sys.* series. Some people may prefer reading news to email, particularly on groups with a lot of traffic.

The latest version of this list is always available as follows. Send a one line email message to

send minitab list-of-lists

The list is kept with the files of the minitab list simply for my convenience, as the list owner of the minitab list is me.

Alternatively, this list can be viewed from the Mailbase World Wide Web pages. The current page has the URL

If you wish to provide a hyperlink to this page from elsewhere, please let me know that you have done so. This will help me to guage the level of interest in this resource.

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It is also worth mentioning the following WWW page which provides links to a great variety of information about Statistics Resources on the Web. It is maintained by the Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for Statistics at Glasgow University. The URL is

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Statistics related email lists
Some lists are available from more than one site. I have usually only specified one site. Internet style addresses have been given throughout, and older bitnet style addresses replaced.

(The relatively few UK users who still use JANET format addresses should reverse the site part of address so that, for example, becomes, for JANET,

The case used when typing the names of lists is rarely of importance. When keying them in, use upper or lower case as you prefer. The lists below use lower case throughout, with two exceptions.

The first is that, because it is very easy for the suffix -l which is used in a number of listnames to be mistyped as -1, the lists below show this as -L for clarity.

The second exception is that if a name or acronym is usually capitalised, such as ISO9000 or TQM, upper case is generally used below.

Details of how to join lists are given at the end of this article. This requires careful reading to cope with the exceptions to the rules. You may like to print a copy of the article for this reason.

Core multi-purpose lists
------------------------  covering teaching and learning of statistics        covering statistical consulting issues      multipurpose British list with less traffic
                            than the two North American based lists above            the list of the Brazilian Association of
                            Statistics - mostly in Portuguese          Statistics list for Australia & New Zealand  Created for non-Ph.D. statisticians          International Association for Statistical
                            Computing list (IASC is a section of ISI)     queries, discussion, opinion about statistics;
                            run from Manchester, England    Computational stats. group of German
                                  section of International Biometric Society     Statistics list at UCLA
The first two of these have been linked to newsgroups in the sci.stat.* series, and sci.stat.consult; sci.stat.math is a general mathematical statistics newsgroup in the same hierarchy not linked to a list.

Technique or Topic related lists
--------------------------------    Artificial Intelligence & Statistics  Named for A. Gifi; concerned with his
                                 interests, including areas of non-linear
                                 multivariate analysis & stat. computing     News about the Bayesian world     concerned with Cluster Analysis   Data Envelopment Analysis, particularly but
                                                   not only in health care  concerned with tests based on randomisation
                                                   and permutation methods   multilevel modelling for analysing nested data         concerned with Structural Equation Models
                            (as implemented is LISREL, EQS and AMOS)  optimal and experimental design   discussion about time series, but not consultancy

Other computing & mathematics lists potentially relevant to statisticians
------------------------------------------------------------------                      Combinatorial Mathematics                 Hybrid models in artificial 
                                      intelligence and cognitive science, 
                                      incl. fuzzy logic & neural networks             Fuzzy Logic and Technologies (Spanish)                    History and philosophy of
                                      mathematics and probability                        Machine Learning       Dynamic Systems Modelling & 
                                      Simulation (Spanish)

Software specific lists (Statistical and selected mathematical software)

--------------------------------------------------------------------                     BMDP                      BUGS: free software for Bayesian
                                                                    inference                 ) The CHEST lists arise from a set            ) of UK Higher Education software                ) deals; these are the lists most              ) likely to interest statisticians;
                                         ) SASPAC91 processes UK Census data
                                         ) for small areas and localities                      Data Desk exploratory data analysis         EpiInfo list            concerned with GAUSS software                Genstat                 GLIM                   JMP is a product of SAS Institute                 Limdep specialises in limited
                                                dependent variable models            Maple Computer Algebra System                    Mathematica and Matlab                Mathcad mathematical "scratchpad"                   Minitab                   P-STAT                      BBN's RS/Series software                S statistical language for UNIX                     SAS statistics & data management                 SAS Public Access Consortium                   SPSS              discusses XLispStat software                about Stata software                        Systat

A number of these lists are linked to newsgroups in the comp.soft-sys.* hierarchy, such as Some software, such as the econometric package SHAZAM, has a newsgroup, comp.soft-sys.shazam but no linked email list that I know of.

At the time of writing proposals are being considered for changing the name of the newsgroup for SPSS from comp.soft-sys.spss to comp.soft-sys.stat.spss and to link a proposed news group comp.soft-sys.stat.systat to the systat-L mailing list.

Related lists of statistical interest in other subjects

Business, Economics, Management, Quality, etc.
----------------------------------------------         these three cover economics/
                                      econometrics         covers the Comp.Sci./Economics 
                                      interface          SCE: Society for Computational 
                                      Economics       Spanish list for econometrics 
                                      discussion   list name says it all...            computable general equilibrium 
                                      economic models              lists distribute Resources for
                                      Economists          information in full or in summary 
                                      form                 documentation related to ISO quality 
                                      standard            quality issues in manufacturing 
                                      & services         for those working on
                                             or towards ISO standards      statistics for continuous
                                             improvement                    Total Quality Management in 
                                             higher education                 measuring US Government 
                                             Performance                         Intelligent Decision Support 
                                             Systems list                   covering the OR Computer Science 
                                             interface         Forum for the Operational Research community              Privacy principles for online data collection
                                    - run by the US Federal Trade Commission
Humanities and Social Sciences
-----------------------------      Spatial data analysis; ai is short for Arc/Info
                             but all Geographic IS are now covered   Temporal Topics in Geographic Information
                              Systems      Content analysis, including statistical aspects CAQDAS (Computer Assisted Qualitative Data
                                     Analysis Software)    Measurement & methodology in education research,
                             largely psychological statistics      European Association for Research on Learning
                             and Instruction list in which statistical
                             issues sometimes emerge, e.g., about assessment      Univ. of Missouri list (of local
                                   use for their psychology statistics work)        psychological measurement and validation         ] sociological in orientation       ]                  public opinion research list             data sources for social sciences     demography/population studies (or    historical demography      chaos, etc. - run from a Politics dept.            chaos models in psychology

Official Statistics, Data Archives and related groups
-----------------------------------------------------      Essex Univ. ESRC Data Archive for
                                       UK Central Statistical Office
                                        (now Office for National Statistics)         ) three related lists about             ) aspects of the UK Population     ) Census               Help with use of S&P's Compustat
                                                company financial databases       Help with use of the databases of the Univ. of
                              Chicago Centre for Research in Security Prices              Official Statistics News from Statistics Canada   Not a discussion group, but a World Bank email
                                list about population and human development
                                (previously called PHNFLASH)                   Manchester Information Datasets
                                       and Associated Services        UK Official Statistics Publications

Statistics in Science, Medicine and related topics
--------------------------------------------------              Biometry list at Gottingen, Germany               Biological telemetry list          about ... clinical trials         epidemiology - linked to egret software             bilingual epidemiology list                       concerned with epidemiology and
                                       veterinary medicine                  statistical issues related to mental
                                       health systems   critical appraisal in health care         area of interest self evident - the
                                    list owner wants statistical contributors     the name tells all ...        Quantitative morphology list              Society for Mathematical Biology;
                                       also covers clinical trials               spatial & environmental epidemiology

Teaching related lists (includes teaching statistics, educational assessment)
--------------------------------------------------------------------             for teachers and others interested in
                               the new (starts 1997) North American
                               Advanced Placement Statistics Exam

Chance News                    Chance News is not a discussion group,
                               but uses email from its base at
                               Dartmouth to distribute items from
                               periodicals which can be used to motivate
                               the teaching and learning of statistics     covering teaching and learning of statistics                Technical issues about MathKit software use          National Council of Teachers of Mathematics      School level assessment issues

A request to readers

This list still reflects to a greater extent than I would like my own interests. Suggestions from other subjects - psychology, biometrics, indeed most natural sciences ... would be very welcome, and of any gaps elsewhere. Lists about probability topics, as distinct from statistics, would also be interesting.

Joining a list

Listserv based lists

For most of these lists the following will work. Notice the format above is
. Send email to listserv@
with a one line message

Do not include signature files - you want a plain vanilla one line message, so as not to confuse the software at the other end.

For instance, to join edstat-L, send email to with the message being subscribe edstat-L Anne Other

if a two word version of your name is Anne Other.

Some listservs may ask you to confirm your request in some way, either on joining or perhaps every year thereafter. Some may provide you with an initial password, but ask you to change it. So pay careful attention to the messages you receive from the listserv, and follow the instructions. It is sensible to retain these messages as the information provided often has vital details of how to leave the lists and how to search associated files and archives of past messages.

If your attempt to join the list does not work, then try sending the standard message to -request@
(or possibly -approval@
or owner-@

This will usually be attended to by the list owner/manager.


For some lists the address to email to is not listserv@
but @
. The exceptions are noted below, first for the many lists at the UK national Mailbase, and then a number of others, including those using listproc and majordomo to manage their lists.
Mailbase lists (Lists with addresses

For allstat, minitab, and all other open UK mailbase lists replace listserv by mailbase, e.g. to join allstat, send a message to containing the single line subscribe allstat Anne Other or even join allstat Anne Other replacing Anne Other with your own name.

The exact-stats lists at the UK mailbase is an exception, as it not open for automatic self-subscription. To join this list, send a message - which need not be in the standard format, and may include reasons for wanting to join the list, to where the list owner will deal with it personally.

Listproc based lists

For the bayes-news, daily, epidemio-L, epivet-L, iasc, idss, nctm-L, perf-measures, qmlist, statalist, stat-design and systat-L lists email the standard one line Listserv style message to listproc@

Majordomo based lists

The ai-geostats, apstat-L, clinical_trials, corryfee, csemlist, demographic-list, epi-info, evalten, hybrid-list, jmp-L, maple-list, mathcad, rfe-all, rfe-summary, scelist, stat-lisp-news and stats-discuss lists use majordomo software. To subscribe to majordomo lists send a one line message to majordomo@

The message can just be the one line


The software will extract your name and address details from the header of your message.

- Lists where you email to -request

For the ai-stats, content, data-desk, fish-ecology, gaussians, L-math, ml, privacy, s-news, socbb, spenepid and stat ( lists, email your message to -request@
, e.g.,

The message can normally be the same as if you were emailing to a Listserv list.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The content list requires the subject of the message to be the one word subscribe, thus

Subject: subscribe

The body of the message has to be left blank.

It is also quite possible that -request@
may be human, rather than software. So the form of the message may not need to be quite as terse as the standard one line listserv message, but you should generally include all the information which the one line message does - the fact that you want to subscribe, the name of the list and your own real name. The header of your message will show your email address.

Other Exceptions

For the albert-gifi list send an email message to

For the anzstat and k12assess-L lists send an email to mailserv@
with the majordomo style one line message


For the ucla-stat list send an email message to the list owner, Jan de Leeuw, or

To receive Chance News by email, contact

For the mug-L list contact the list owner,

A Plea on behalf of List Owners / Managers

One word of warning: do not send subscription messages to the lists themselves, as they will be broadcast to all members, and the list manager will have to intervene and add you manually if (s)he is a kind hearted person.

The same applies to leaving lists. By and large, just send a message to the relevant listserv or equivalent, with the text being


Notice that your name is not part of the message.

A common cause of difficulty in leaving lists is that your email address has changed, perhaps only slightly, since you first joined. In that case you will need to ask the list owner for help.

If you do get into a situation where you want the list owner's help, a
message to -request@
or perhaps (alternatively) to owner-@
will reach the individual concerned. For example, a message sent to will wing its electronic way to me, as the relevant list manager.
Good luck with your use of email lists. And please keep me posted about errors and omissions - by email of course!

Mike Fuller

Canterbury Business School, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7PE, UK Tel +44 1227 827729 direct line; 827726 messages; 764000 switchboard Fax +44 1227 761187; email


Many statisticians or infonauts have made useful comments and suggestions, either to me directly, or through announcements to lists or newsgroups, or occasionally through information on World Wide Web pages.

This list is incomplete, but thanks are due to: Hans Amman, Al Best, Kevin Barry, Pat Ballew, Andrew Blair, Ronan Conroy, Peter Dalgaard, Stephen Evans, Emil Friedman, Gianfranco Galmacci, Graham Gibbs, Bill Goffe, Bill Gould, Bill Greene, Roger Hadgraft, Donal Hanna, Anne Hawkins, David Harmon, Ted Harding, Jesus Sanz de las Heras, Marty Hoag, Bruce Hollingsworth, Richard Jensen, Murray Jorgensen, Carolyn Kotlas, Andreas Krause, Thomas Krichel, Andrew Lawson, Gavin Longmuir, Margaret Mackisack, David Madigan, H. Alan Montgomery, Brian Monsell, Leigh Morris, Mark Myatt, Vivian Neou, Timothy O'Brien, Clive Osmond, Simon Peters, R. Allan Reese, Dennis Roberts, Naoki Saito, Ruth Sandor, Ian Saunders, Erran Seaman, Ken W Smith, Una Smith, Aldo-Pier Solari, Gary Teare, Frederic Udina, Antony Unwin, Dave Warne, Meredith Warshaw, Rodney Wolff, David Wormuth, Forrest Young, Stuart Young and others.

(c) Copyright Mike Fuller 1996. Not to be reproduced without the author's explicit written consent.

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