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Parallel Performance Group, of Sedona, AZ, announces a Series of FREE E-Mail Newsletters on high-tech software topics.

Below is a list of the topics discussed in the Newsletter Series:

Business Process Reengineering     Real-Time Multiprocessing/Uniprocessing DSP
Multiprocessing                    Neural Networks/Fuzzy Logic/Fuzzy Control
Parallel Processing                Animation/Solid Modelling 
Distributed Processing             Mechanical Design Automation
Object-Oriented CASE Tools         CAD for Industrial and Architectural Design
Project Management                 Discrete and Continuous Simulation
Image Processing                   Medical Imaging
Graphical Application Interfaces   Virtual Reality
Statistical Analysis               Volume Visualization
Engineering Data Management        Data Warehousing/Data Mining
Electronic Publishing              Geographic Information Systems

To receive more information, send any e-mail to; this will return a detailed listing of the Newsletters, and instructions on how to re- ceive sample copies and subscriptions.

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Parallel Performance Group (PPG) is a provider of high-tech Unix- and PC-based scientific, engineering, and graphics software. PPG publishes a free monthly electronic-mail Newsletter for each of the categories below. Each Newsletter covers material on the market/industry niches served by these categories and tutorial information on the technologies involved. By sending an e-mail letter to any mailbox shown below, you will obtain by return e-mail sample Newsletters for the particular area(s) of your interest.

   Category                    Software Products          Auto-Response 
                                                           E-Mail Box
   -------------------------   -----------------------    --------------
   Business Process            ARIS-Toolset     
   RealTime DSP                Rippen, Hypersignal
   Img Proc'g/Medicl Imgng     IAP              
   Neural Networks             NeuroCom, NeuroGraph
   Project Management          Accent, ACOS PLUS 1
   Volume Visualization        Vox-L, IAP       
   Statistical Analysis        BMDP Classic     
   Graphical Application       LOOX, Graphics Builder
   Fuzzy Logic/Fuzzy Control   Fuzzy Control Manager,
                               O'INCA Design Framework

   RealTime Multiprocessing/   Rippen, Express, HyperC,
   Parallel Processing/        Strand88, MUSIC ,
   Distributed Processing      Load Balancer, Pulsus,

   Solid Modelling/CADD/       Prelude, Pytha, Unicad,
   Mech. Design/Animation       Point Line, 3DGO, 
                                INERTIA FEA, ICAADS

   Obj.-Oriented CASE Tools    Oberon/F, case/4/0,
                               objectiF, Wizdom-Pro,

   Simulation                  SystemSpecs, GPSS

To regularly receive any Newsletter, reply to with the message "Subscribe ". For example, "Subscribe Multiprocessing".

Please visit our World Wide Web Site at to obtain detailed information with pleasing presentation graphics on the above products. We can be reached directly at, or (520) 282-6300.

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