ViSta for Win95


Announcing the availability for Windows 95 of ViSta - The Visual Statistics System Version 4.24, October 7th, 1996

Copyright (c) 1991-96 by Forrest W. Young

ViSta is now freely available for Windows 95. This version is also freely available for MacOS and Windows 3.1, as previously announced. The Unix version will follow.

ViSta performs univariate and multivariate statistical data analysis and visualization. The software and documentation for ViSta is available for free from our WWW and FTP servers at:


FTP:, directory pub/forrest/vista.

ViSta is useful for teaching multivariate statistics, statistical graphics and computational statistics; and for research and development in statistical graphics and computational statistics.

ViSta is designed for an audience of users having a very wide range of data analysis sophistication, ranging from novice to expert. ViSta provides seamlessly integrated data analysis environments specifically tailored to the user's level of expertise. Guidance is available for students and novices, and tools are available for teachers and other experts to create guidance for these novices. A structured graphical user interface is available for competent users, and a command line interface is available for sophisticated users. The complete Lisp-Stat (Tierney, 1990) programming environment is available to researchers, programmers and graduate students who wish to extend ViSta's capabilities.

ViSta's data analysis and visualization capabilities include: exploratory graphics and descriptive statistics; univariate tests and visualizations; analysis of variance; regression analysis; principal components analysis; multidimensional scaling and correspondence analysis. All analysis methods have extensive visualization features.

The major new features available in this version include:

1) A new OLS, robust and monotonic regression module.

2) Redundancy analysis (new option of the multivariate regression module).

3) Extensive visual regression diagnostics.

4) A visualization method for Univariate Analysis.

5) A completed visualization method for Analysis of Variance.

6) An improved visualization method for Multivariate Regression.

7) A multivariate regression test.

Forrest Young

Professor, Psychometrics

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Subject: Re: C++ code // Linear Least Squares // SVD

Ajay Shah's numcomp-free-c lists plenty. See:
or c/numcomp-free-c on netlib (slightly outdated).
Also see the last item on

The book reviews which were here have been deleted in order to combat bloat. You can find them in

but be warned that we have a slow leased line and our systems are only up from 9 to 7 GMT+0530.

David M. Potter wrote in article ...


Can anyone point me toward C++ code for performing linear least squares regression, implemented using singular value decomposition (SVD).



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