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Url: http://enrm.ceo.org/home.html

Url: http://enrm.ceo.org/home.html

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Reply-To: ENRM-Admin@jrc.it.G7.Environment.and.Natural.Resources.Management.------------------------------------------------------.http://enrm.ceo.org (ENRM)

The ENRM prototype information server allows _free_ online registration and interactive editing of records for global environmental information resources. In addition to this, it provides an international directory of Environmentalists to which all ENRM users belong.

You are invited to visit the site at the above URL and register your information on the system. Should you wish to contribute information about complete datasets held on other servers (of course, you retain control over all of the entries), or if you have any queries regarding the service please contact us by email at enrm-admin@jrc.it. The success of the ENRM iniciative relies on your contribution.


The objective of this G7 joint project is to increase the electronic linkage and integration of sources of data and information relevant to the environment and natural resources. A group of experts, representing each participating body, will build on existing international efforts to create a prototype for a Global Information Locator Service (GILS), to further interconnect catalogues and directories around the world and ensure their accessibility to developed and developing countries, and to facilitate the exchange and integration of data and information about the Earth for use in a variety of applications. The project will demonstrate the breadth of data and information already existing internationally, and show the mutual benefits of improved accessibility for all levels of policy makers, researchers, non-governmental organizations and the general public.


The G7 ENRM project is an iniciative of the G7 nations. As such, it involves the collaboration of organisations from these nations amongst others: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and the European Community. The following are _some_ of the organisations directly involved in the G7 ENRM MetaInformation Working Group:

      CEO    - European Commission / Centre for Earth Observation
      DLR    - German Aerospace Research Establishment
      EEA    - European Environment Agency
      ESA    - European Space Agency
      ERIN   - Environment Resources and Information Network of Australia
      GCOS   - Global Climate Observing System
      NASA   - the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration
      NASDA  - National Space Development Agency of Japan
      NOAA   - US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
      UNEP   - United Nations Environment Programme
      USGS   - US Geological Survey
      WMO    - World Meteorological Organisation


This prototype system has been developed by the European Commission's Centre for Earth Observation on behalf of the G7-ENRM project. The current service provides the following features:

You are encouraged to register youself, your organisation or datasets on the system, and to use the database for inquiries relating to environment, natural resources, climate change and biodiversity. For further information please contact the ENRM helpdesk by email at enrm-admin@jrc.it

The ENRM Development team.
9th July 1996

G7 Environment and Natural Resources Management (ENRM) http://enrm.ceo.org/

Developed by the Centre for Earth Observation on behalf of the G7-ENRM Project. phone +39 332 78 5425 fax +39 332 78 5461 email ENRM-Admin@jrc.it

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