PARISARA (97) : CES Libray Search Mechanism

PARISARA (97) has been developed to search books available in the CES departmental library using keyword(s).

The keyword is case insensitive. It also supports blanks and special characters in between keywords. (Eg. Population Biology or Wilson,E.O.).

The operators are used to make additional search,if any. The operators being and/or (default being AND). This is OPTIONAL.

Enter Keyword:

Choose the operator: [OPTIONAL]

Enter Keyword:

PARISARA (95) was developed by Mr. Satish and Ms. Kumuda. Mr. Prashant Naik of Bioinformatics, Poona helped in devloping the WWW interface and the ces lib search program - PARISARA (95).

Modified Version Parisara (97) is developed by MAHESH. S.

If you have any comments and suggestion about Parisara, kindly mail to Envis Team.

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