First Pan Asian Ornithological Congress (PASOC) Organised by BAC, SACON, CES (IISC)


BirdLife Asia Council and Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON - Coimbatore, India. Director: Dr. V.S.Vijayan - e-mail address given below), in collaboration with the CES IISC and with the support from Ministry of Environment & Forests(MOEF) Govt. of India, are organising the 1st Pan Asian Ornithological Congress (PASOC) and BirdLife Asia Partnership Conference in Bangalore 09 to 17 November 1996 as a part of the Salim Ali Centenary Celebrations. An initial announcement has already been sent all over and there has been a good response.

You can see the announcement on Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) web page:

In this regard you can contact me at the above address or my colleague:

Dr. V S Vijayan
Kalampalayam P.O.
Coimbatore - 641 010
Tamil Nadu

fax: 398232

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9 - 17 November 1996

Pan-Asian Ornithological Congress and BirdLife Asia Conference

Bangalore, India

Although Asia has a rich avifauna, many of the region's species are endangered. As many as 30% of the threatened birds of the world exists in Asia and are facing threats from various anthropogenic sources. In many cases, their problems are almost identical for all the Asian countries and many birds are migratory, they have to be considered in a regional perspective in a spirit of co-operation. Now more than ever, it is time, for the conservationists and ornithologists to sit together and take stock of the situation and come out with time bound concrete schemes for action.

The Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACOM) and the BirdLife Asia Council, in commemoration of the Birth Centenary of the late Dr. Salim Ali, the doyen of Asian Ornithology, are offering an unique opportunity for the above by organizing the First Pan Asian Ornithological Congress (PASOC) and the BirdLife Asia Conference from 9 to 17 November 1996 at Bangalore, the 'Garden City of India'.

Pan-Asian Ornithological Congress

The PASOC will evaluate the current status of ornithological research in Asia and identify gaps as at meetings of Neotropical Ornithological Congress and Pan African Ornithological Congress. The Congress will highlight regional ornithological issues and give impetus and guidelines for future research.

Seminars, poster sessions, round table discussions and workshops will be organized on the following topics at the PASOC.

a) Ecology and conservation of birds of tropical forests of Asia

b) Ecology and conservation of wetlands of Asia and their birds

c) Arid zone bird ecology

d) Bird migration

e) Avian physiology

f) Economic ornithology

g) Annual cycles and breeding strategies of birds

h) Co-operative breeding in Asian birds

i) Systematics

j) Zoogeography

k) Host-parasite relationships

l) Ecological genetics

Those who are interested to hold other round table discussions should send in the theme and the name of chairperson.

BirdLife Asia Conference

The BirdLife Asia Conference is held every four years, the last being in Seoul, South Korea in December 1992. The Conference in Bangalore will bring together BirdLife Partners, Representatives, staff and collaborators to review and develop the BirdLife Asia Programme, and strengthen the network of organizations and individuals working for conservation of birds and their habitats in the region. The Conference will include presentations on existing and future BirdLife Asia project, as well as training courses, poster presentations and workshops on priority conservation and institutional development issues.

The main objectives of the Conference will be to:

i. review progress made in the implementation of the Avian Red Data Book for Asia.

ii. launch the Important Bird Areas Programme for Asia.

iii. finalise the BirdLife Institution Building and Network Development Strategy for Asia, and hold follow-up training sessions and workshops.

iv. review progress with the implementation of the 1995-1996 BirdLife Asia Programme, and plan objectives and activities for BirdLife Asia to the year 2000.

v. conclude a strategy for BirdLife, including partnership development, for South Asia.

A complimentary mid seminar field trip will be organized on 13 November 1996 to one of the best bird areas in Southern India.

The Salim Ali Birth Centenary Celebrations are sponsored by the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, BirdLife Asia and Wild Bird Society of Japan.

Resistration charges:

Rs.300/-for South Asian (SAARC) delegates US$50 for other delegates

Hotel accommodation in Bangalore will cost Rs.300 ($10) upwards.

If you are interested to participate, the questionnaire should be filled and returned to the following address to reach before 30 April 1996. The second circular will bring to you detailed programmes and other relevant information.


Pan-Asian Ornithological Congress and BirdLife Asia Conference

9-17 November 1996


Code:Country:Telephone:Fax:E-mail:I would like to present a paper at PASOC entitled:Please Note: Abstracts of papers for PASOC should reach SACON by May 1996.

Please fill-up the questionnaire and mail to:

Dr.V.S.Vijayan National Co-ordinator Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and N atural History (SACON) Kalampalayam P.O. Coimbatore 641 010, Tamil Nadu, Indi a Phone: 091-422-392273, 398232, 395383 Fax: 091-422-398232 E-mail: centre@s

If you are responding or sending an abstract by E-mail, please also send a copy to:

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