' MICA Information Centre (MIC)

MICA Information Centre (MIC)


About MICA:

MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad) was founded in 1991. It is an autonomous, non-profit making academic institution. Its mission is to create through education, training and research a renewable talent bank for all communications driven business particularly advertising. MICA is the first graduate school of its kind in this part of Asia.

MICA imparts higher education in communications at three levels. One, it organises seminars on subjects of major concerns. These are addressed by eminent experts and attended by the mature practitioners from various fields such as marketing, advertising, public relations, media, and research. At the second level, MICA couducts short-term residential courses in specialised areas for fresh graduates as well as those who are recent entrants in the communications business. The third level, the centrepiece of MICA's agenda for higher education in communications, is the two year post-graduate diploma programme in communications.

MICA information centre has core books, national and international journals, commercial cassettes and newspapers. It has database on books, newspapers, TV commercials and guard book on print ads.

The centre offers a variety of information services, on request, from published sources. Product Information Service covers product category, marketers, market size, brand, market share. Content service provides contents from journals on a regular basis. Newspaper database covers information on mass media, advertising and marketing. A search is possible on subject, brand name, generic name, company's name, agency name, newspaper name. Ad view provides xerox of the advertisement on a particular product category from newspapers and magazines and also print out of commercials aired on TV. Xerox copies of articles and newspaper clippings are available.

For terms and more information, contact:

Shailesh Yagnik,
Ahmedabad - 380 058
Tel: (Within A'bad) 88-31946
From outstation:02717-31946
Fax: 02717-31945

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