Solid waste management by low-income communities


In issue 3 of the "ISWA TIMES" 1996, pg 33, the Intl Solid Waste Association's (ISWA) Scientific and Technical Committee announced the appointment of Dr. Luis Diaz to set up an ad hoc interim task force to develop a proposal to establish a permanent ISWA Working Group on developing countries. The proposal will contain a detailed description on an action plan, terms of reference, membership criteria, funds, budget and other pertinent information will be prepared. The ISWA Working Group on developing countries will be set up in 1997.

To undertake this task, a roundtable was organized by Dr. Luis Diaz on 27th Oct., at the eve of the 7th International Congress & Exhibition of ISWA in Tokyo, to discuss how the assignment could undertaken. Four papers were also presented during this roundtable and an action plan was discussed and adopted. One of the items in the action plan was that the Institute of Advanced Studies, The United Nations University, would assist in providing the electornic platform for communications via mailing lists. While most members of the 27th Oct Tokyo roundtable already have long experiences in the field, it was felt that a call for global participation and involvement was essential to allow others who are also concerned to help identify issues related to solid waste management in low-income communities of both developing and developed countries. The results of this electronic exchange will contribute to the writing of the proposal to ISWA.

We are interested to have your suggestions. We like to know how various groups can participate and contribute to this joint effort as well as to assist in identifying funding agencies and potential donors.

Some participants from this list will be selected to join the interim ad-hoc task force led by Dr. Luiz Diaz to prepare this proposal.

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