Information Sharing!


Information Sharing !!

Every organization irrespective of its size, structure requires information on 3 basic areas. The areas are :- PRODUCT : It means something we produce during our paid work. It could be a product or a service. We should look for External Information [EI] that can *improve* [a] appearance quality or [b] functional quality PROCESS : We may call it as means or approach or technology or methods or even routine. We have to look for EI that tell us how we can do things at less [a] effort [b] time and [c] cost without compromising the quality of the final out put which is deliverable to the end user-customer. PEOPLE : It is managing people with whom we interact both at [a] office and [b] home. We have to look for EI that tells us how to *handle people effectively*. In light of this I have consulted the current curriculum of Indian Institute of Management of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta and Lucknow. I have listed the "SEARCH TERMS" [ST]. These ST's are the subjects or topics taught or discussed at the IIM's. Thus all members can take the benefit of sharing EI based on these search terms. Can you join me on searching some of these IIM topics ?

1.BUSINESS : [a] Business Law [b] Contracts [c] Copyright [d] GATT [e] Patents [f] Sale of Goods Act

2. ECONOMICS : [a] Business Cycles [b] Demand Analysis [c] Econometrics [d] Game Theory [f] Macroeconomics [g] Managerial Economics [h] Microeconomics [I] Multiplier Analysis

3.FINANCE : [a] Accounting Policy [b] Cash Management [c] Corporate Financial Accounting [d] Cost Accounting [e] Financial Planning [f] Financial Management [g] Goodwill Accounting [h] Income Tax Accounting [g] Lending and Borrowing [h] Matching Cost Depreciation [i] Receivables [j] Research and Development Cost [k] Revenue Recognition [l] Working Capital Forecasting [m] Working Capital Management [n] Strategic Cost Management [o] Time Value for Money

4.INFORMATION SYSTEMS : [a] Algorithms [b] Artificial Intelligence [c] C Language [d] Cobal [e] Computer Networks [f] Database Management [g] Data Processing [h] DOS [i] Information System Analysis [j] SQL

5.MARKETING : [a] Advertising Management [b] Competitive Pricing [c] Consumer Behavior [d] Consumer and Industrial Buying Behavior [e] Direct Marketing [e] Ethical Aspect [f] Inventory Management [g] Logistics [h] Market Segment [i] Marketing Management [j] Marketing Mix [k] Marketing Research [l] Packaging [m] Personal Selling [n] Pricing [o] Product [p] Product Management [q] Retailing [r] Transportation [s] Warehouse

6.PERSONNEL : [a] Appraisal [b] Cohen's Approach [c] Compensation Systems [d] Grievance Handling [e] Hall Matrix [f] Human Resource Development [g] Human Resource Management [h] Industrial Relations [i] Job Analysis [j] Labour Unions [k] Leritz's Approach [l] Man Power Planning [m] Nierenberg's Approach [n] Performance Management [o] Personnel Management [p] Promotions and Transfers [q] Recruitment and Selection [r] Reward System [s] Training and Placement [t] Walton and Mckersie's Approach

7. PRODUCTION : [a] Aggregate Planning [b] Batch Production Systems [c] Cellular Manufacturing [d] Computer Aided Manufacturing [e] Decision Support System [f]Design Of Assembly Lines [h] Maintenance Management [I] Manufacturing Planning [j] Master Scheduling [k] Materials Management [l] Operations Management [m] Production Management [n] Production Inventory Management [p] Value Engineering

8. QUALITY : [a] ISO 9000 [b] Quality Audit [c] Quality Cost [d] Quality Management [e] Quality Policies [f] Total Quality Management

9. RESEARCH : [a] Research Methodology

10. STATISTICS : [a] ANOVA [b] Bayes Formula [c] Decision Trees [d] Estimation [e] Regression and Correlation [f] Sampling [g] SPSS [h] SAS [I] Testing of Hypothesis

I have access to a Altavista - the largest web index - connecting 2,75,600 servers and 14,000 usenet news groups. Periodically I plan to put EI on the this forum. Cooperation - from readers like you - in terms of providing EI on these ST would help many of us. To distribute the load, members can *ADOPT* a few of their interest. Improvements, suggestions as a collaborative and a shared effort is welcome for an ongoing evolution of this list. With best regards,

Dr.Raghu CN

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