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India is the home of the world's greatest and oldest civilizations with a kaleidoscopic variety in every dimension of human endeavour and a rich cultural heritage. India has achieved multi-faceted socio-economic and technological progress. The recent thrust of economic liberalisation has provided a tremendous boost to Indian Industries as well as exports and has turned India into a "virtual heaven" for foreign investors. As the country is well endowed with spectacular natural beauty, it has been an all-time favourite with the tourists.

Internet has emerged as one of the technologies' greatest democracies. It is natural that the greatest political democracy in the world - India, be represented on the Internet in all its fairness and fullness.

India Image project of National Informatics Centre intends to bring onto this new technological platform a healthy, just, fair and true perspective on India . India Image project houses pages serving information on Tourism, Industry, Exports, Politics, News, Medicine and much more ...

This platform is also meant to provide an opportuntiy to share with the Internet community and the world at large, the huge repositories of knowledge available in India .

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