LIS-FORUM : NCSI-IISc Discussion List


LIS-FORUM is an electronic mailing list (or discussion forum) maintained by the 'listserv' software on a computer at NCSI, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Following features are supported by LIS-FORUM.

i) Posting messages to members of the LIS-FORUM .

ii) Commands supported can be grouped under following categories.

	    1) Subscribing, unsubscribing.
	    2) Distribution settings such as setting acknowledgment,
               postponing of message receiving. 
	    3) Getting Information such as getting help on commands, to know 
	       about the subscribers of  the LIS-FORUM. 
	    4) Getting files from archive.

Messages for distribution to LIS-FORUM members should be sent to the e-mail address :

With text as body of the message.


Commands to be processed by the listserv should be sent to the e- mail address :

The different commands currently supported are listed below.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing commands

- To join (subscribe) LIS-FORUM send the following command :

subscribe LIS-FORUM your full name
(e.g : subscribe lis-forum K.Thulasi ).

- To signoff (cancel subscription) send the following comand :

unsubscribe LIS-FORUM

Distribution settings

- To determine what your LIS-FORUM distribution settings are :

By default your distribution settings are set to NOACK, which means the messages sent by you are not echoed back to you.

If you want the messages to be sent back to you, send the following command :

set LIS-FORUM mail ACK

- To stop LIS-FORUM mail, when you go on vacation :

set LIS-FORUM mail postpone

- To resume the delivery you can send one of the following commands :

set LIS-FORUM mail ack - in which case messages sent by you are sent back to you

set LIS-FORUM mail noack - in which case messages sent by you are not sent back to you

(After setting distribution settings to postpone, unless subscriber resets it to one of the above options, subscriber will not get any messages from LIS-FORUM)

- To set your mail distribtuion setting to digest, in which case you will not get mails as and when they are distributed on forum. Instead it collects all messages posted on to LIS-FORUM and then delivers this file after certain number of hours have elapsed.

set LIS-FORUM mail digest

Getting information

- To get information about LIS-FORUM : information LIS-FORUM

- To obtain list of LIS-FORUM users : recipients LIS-FORUM

- To obtain count of messages sent by each subscriber : statistics LIS-FORUM

- To get general help (this message file) : help

- To get help on a specific command : help command name

(for e.g. help set)

Getting a file from archive

All messages posted on to this forum are archived. You can get previous message distributed by using one of these methods.

1. By getting list of files archived, going through this list and locating a file of your interest.

- Send following request. index lis-forum

2. By searching the archive using a key or pattern and get files in which pattern is found.

- Send following command.
search lis-forum pattern

3. Once you know which file to get, send following command to get a file from archive.

get lis-forum filename [optional part number]


LIS-FORUM Administrators :

Dr. T.B. Rajashekar

Mr. A. Sreenivasa Ravi

Ms. Meenaxi Gulla

National Centre for Science Information (NCSI)
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore - 560 012 (India)

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