SRISTI-HONEYBEE Network of Grassroots Innovators and Inventors


Dear colleague,

SRISTI (Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions) is a global NGO based in Ahmedabad set up to support the Honey Bee network of Grassroots innovators and inventors engaged in evolving sustainable alternatives for natural resource management. It believes that poor people are not so poor that they can not even think. It provides a voice to economically poor but knowledge rich communities and individuals.

SRISTI has one of the largest data bases in the world on Innova- tions developed by people without outsiders' help with their name and addresses. Honey Bee newsletter published by a sister organi- zation SRISTI Innovations goes to 71 countries and is adapted in seven languages.

One of the recent initiatives of SRISTI has been to build a database on local institutions which are initiated and governed by the local people themselves for natural resource management at community level. These institutions need not necessarily have been created by any explicit/expressed rules for governance, boundary rules, resource allocation etc. The primary aim of setting up of such a database is to strengthen the information network amongst the people and make it easily accessible to all those who are interested to know, and learn from such institu- tion as to how to manage the natural resources informally under diverse cultural and environmental conditions.

We have till now recorded 71 examples of such institutions based on literature review under the supervision of Prof Anil K Gupta. We are deeply interested in recording the case studies of similar institutions from any part of the world. SRISTI would be extreme- ly grateful if you could exchange with us information of such institutions which are at your disposal or which you are in a position to acquire. We shall very much appreciate your contribu- tion to the database and also acknowledge. Needless to say, we would be happy to share this database with those interested.

Thanking you in advance,

Riya, Troels and Srinivas
c/o Prof Anil K Gupta

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