Global Historical Climatology Network: A rainfall data


Try taking a look at the global historical climataology network datasets at the National Climate Data Center,

. If that doesn't do it for you, you could possibly aggregate daily data to monthly from the global summary of the day data,

If neither of those work out for you, you may wish to repost your query to the FAO-WMO Agrometeorology Internet Conference. To subscribe, send a message to:

containing the line: subscribe Agromet-L

Once subscribed, send email to:

Good luck,
Tom Parris


Tom Parris, Environmental Resources Librarian, Lamont - Level 1,
Harvard College Library, Harvard University; Cambridge MA 02138
tel. 617-496-6158, fax. 617-496-0440, email.

Subject: rainfall info request

I'm trying to get information on monthly rainfall for the years 1981-1987 in Alice Springs, NT, Australia

Chihuahua, Mx
Pretoria, S. Africa
and anywhere in Argentina.
Can anyone help?


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