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EcoAgroForestry is a new integrated, synthesizing discipline, a new=20 paradigm of development based on many interlocking parameters:

Ecological Principles              Sustainable forestry
Sustainable agriculture            Rural agroindustrial development
EAF Information on Demand          Polyeconomic Entrepreneuring
The Internet                       Virtual consultancy
Consortiums                        One WesHemisphere economy
Virtual learning systems           Ultimately a Borderless Economy
How do you profit from the transition to this new sustainable economy?

YOU GET information -- YOU GET know-how.

Where is the know-how you need to create a RAIC?
What if you aspire to lead your country in EcoAgroForestry based sustainable development?
Where will you get the know-how you need?

Perhaps you care looking for small scale kenaf separation equipment. The information is all there, but it is scattered in thousands, even hundreds of thousands of different information repositories. Some of them may be an agricultural experiment station in the Philippines, on the World Wide Web, in the Library of Congress or in a private corporations annual report. The information is all there.

But how to get it all?

How to select what is relevant and discard the useless?

How put together disparate bits of information to get coherent whole?

And, very importantly, how to transform all these disparate bits of information into a usuable document that you can profit from?

Most importantly, how can this information then be used to create a profitable EAF/RAIC business?

Come to the EAF Information on Demand Center for the know-how you need. Everything from bibliographies, Special Reports, Guidebooks, Polyeconomic WealthBooks, Interactive Distance Learning Courses, Newsletters, NetMags, Business Marketing calendars, etc. All these Information resources are stored on computer, ready to be delivered to you. We can even send them to you by email or by regular mail. Many topics have already been researched and have already been written. Topics we haven=92t yet prepared, let us know and we will prepare it for you.

The EAF world requires we dont overuse paper. Why print 1000 copies when one will do?

Heres some of the kinds of information we can get for you

Heres the kinds of Information Transfer Delivery Systems we offer to help you create your EAF/RAIC business:


EAF/RAIC Rapid Information Transfer

Well satisfy your need for information in a hurry. When you need to know right away about a EAF/RAIC topic, YOU GET the information you need. Each request gets our immediate personal attention. This EAF/RAIC Rapid Information Transfer service is for you when you NEED TO KNOW AND FAST! Maybe you have some information but want to verify it from a second source. Maybe you need a bibliographic reference. Maybe someone in your organization has a question. When you use EAF/RAIC Rapid Information Transfer YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED AND FAST! Services may include library research, telephone surveys, information searches, surveys, interviews with experts, questionnaire distribution, collection and analysis, simple question answering, information compilation and analysis, abstracting and indexing

Fee Structure : Fact Finding $55 per hour

Research $55 per hour


Whatever you need to get your project going is what we find for you. We do Manual Searches, OnLine Computer Searches of Data Bases as well as searches on the Internet.

Manual Searching is still a very important part of EAF/RAIC information retrieval. Much older material is still valuable and is available only in printed form. If you need this information we can get it for you. Much information on agricultural practices that were developed before the use of DDT and other pesticides offer ecologically sound methods of production. In addition, we are creating two Resource Centers for information from countries where vast amount of information is available on many EAF/RAIC topics. For example, India has amassed a great deal of very vital information on kenaf production. Our goal is to tap into the vast store of Indian materials and create CD-ROM disks that can be accessed OnLine.

Manual Searches US$ 75 per hour

With OnLine Computer Searches YOU GET not only retrieval of Bibliographies from commercial ONLINE DATA BASES but we will access the World Wide Web, all FTP and other Internet resources. OnLine Computer Bibliographic and NonBibliographic Searches, World Wide Web Searches

	Search Specialist Time                    US $55 per hour
	Word Processors Operator Time             US $25 per hour
	Word Processor Equipment Time             US $ 7  per hour

   Plus all charges for OnLine Computer connect time charged by
	Information Sources                        At Cost
	Copyright Royalty Fee                      At Cost
	Rush Order (24 Hours Or Less)              100% surcharge
EAF/RAIC Document Delivery

Need a EAF/RAIC document from anywhere in the world? We=92ll find it for you, make a copy of it, fax it to you or scan it in and email it to you. We work with =93Runners=94 in major cities who will find the document for us and get it to us so we can prepare it in any framework you want. IF IT=92S AN EAF/RAIC DOCUMENT IN PRINT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, YOULL GETIT.

We provide Document delivery service for all publicly available information sources. We have access to everything from the Library of Congress to all US government offices, agencies, trade associations international development organizations, international embassies, research centers, universities, libraries, international businesses... Through our correspondents and via computer/satellite communication YOU=92VE GOT access to any library or information source in the world.


	Ms. Dee Brightman
	Information On Demand Service
	Society of Lyons, Inc.
	2801 Olive St, # 35A, Suite 113, Post Office Box 5208
	Pine Bluff, AR 71611 USA

Please send me the following products/services:

EcoAgroForestry WealthBooks

Titles                   Quantity        Enhancement           Price

Polyeconomic WealthBooks


Illustrations US $10 Double Column layout 5 NEW WorldWide Web URLS 10 New EMAIL addresses 10 Send it by mail (no postage charge) Send it by email $5 Send it UPS $10 Send it by Airmail $10 Rapid Information Access ( use as much space as necessary) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ EAF/RAIC Data Base Literature Search ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ I include US$_____________________________ SEND MY INFORMATION TO: Last Name______________________________________________________ First Name and M.I. _________________________________ EAF-L Subscriber _____Yes _____No Position/Title/Rank _________________________________ Affiliation ________________________________________ Mailing Address ____________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Telephone: Day (___)___________ Night _____)__________________ Fax: (___)________________ E-Mail: ___________________________ Send all orders to SOLYNC, EAF/RAIC Information on Demand Center, P O Box 5208, Pine Bluff, AR 71611.

This Service is being developed right now. For more information Contact Dr. Carol Cross, solync@cei.net or call 501-367-8736.

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