Environmental Periodicals Bibliography

The world's leading guide to environmental periodical literature, EPB has been published since 1972 by the Environmental Studies Institute of the International Academy at Santa Barbara. The vast database that has been created during this time contains more than half a million indexed citations to articles from scientific, technical, and popular journals, spanning the whole range of environmental topics.

Nearly 500 journals are currently covered comprehensively:

Specialists in various subject areas touching on the environment serve as advisors on the database.

Whether you need to complete an environmental impact statement, want to know what chemicals are in the food we eat, study the effects of oil spills on the food chain, or research environmental issues on a global scale, our database can lead you, quickly and efficiently, to current and reliable sources. The extraordinary breadth of topics indexed makes this database an essential tool for serious research on the environment and related subject areas.

Each article is indexed with a "microabstract"--three to six terms that provide a picture of the article's content. These terms are chosen to ensure that the user gets an overview of the article and can expand or restrict a search by using them.

The database is currently available in the following formats:

  1. On CD-ROM
    published quarterly. (See sample search on "Valdez.")

  2. On the Internet
    via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts' IDS, and as a premium service on Environmental RouteNet. The most recent five years, plus current year. For details, see http://www.csa.com.

  3. Online
    EPB is available online via Knight-Ridder (formerly DIALOG), File #68. (See sample search on "Chernobyl.")
The staff of the International Academy can do a personalized search for you. For more information, send email to iasb@igc.apc.org, or write to us at the address below. Please be as specific as possible as to your search requirements, and be sure to give your email, phone, FAX, and/or snailmail address.

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