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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Purdue University have designed a pollution prevention software program available free to the public. This program gives an overview of pollution prevention concepts and describes in detail P2 opportunities in the industry, agriculture, energy, government, and consumer sectors. It features case studies and also provides P2 information resources. Please see the announcement below for more information and how to obtain this and other software programs available.

Dolly Tong
U.S. EPA Region 5
Pollution Prevention & Special Initiatives



The Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 established source reduction as the preferred approach to environmental protection. P2 can save money, reduce liability, and improve efficiency, worker safety, and competitiveness. This program outlines the relevant environmental legislation and addresses P2 in industry, agriculture, energy, government, and consumer sectors. Examples include more efficient manufacturing processes, alternative products and procedures that generate less or more benign end products, and ways to reduce the amount of raw materials used.

These software programs run on an IBM-compatible computer with a hard drive and a high density (HD or 2HD) diskette drive. An ideal system for running all the software programs is a 486 PC with a VGA monitor and a mouse, but many of the programs will run on older or less powerful equipment as well. All programs are public domain software (shareware) and may be copied and given (not sold) to other interested users. Neither USEPA nor Purdue University accept liability for any event resulting from the use or misuse of these programs. Purdue University etains copyright on all software products. USEPA Region 5 takes no responsibility for bugs, defects or modifications in second-generation copies.


1.On CD-ROM or diskette from Purdue University.

This is the ONLY way to obtain a registered copy of a program. Programs are available on 3?" high density diskettes. Prices include handling, duplication and postage, as well as shareware registration entitling the user to updates and product support. Due to the large response to Purdue's first CD-ROM in 1994, a second CD-ROM has been issued containing over 50 programs, including our new releases, modeling and calculator software, and an expanded version of the Electronic Wetland Herbarium. The CD sells for $25 and is only available from Purdue. Call (317) 494-1173 or write for more information to:

The Farm Building Plan Service
Purdue University
1146 ABE Building
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1146

2.From the Software for Environmental Awareness Web Pages.

The EPA Public Access Web Server features downloadable versions of all our current software programs. The files are in compressed form and can be uncompressed using PKUNZIP version 2.04g.

The URL is: http://www.epa.gov/grtlakes/seahome Our programs will also remain available for a limited time at our former web site. The URL is: http://glnpogis2.r05.epa.gov/glnpo/edu/sea/seahome.html Sorry, anonymous FTP is not available at these sites. For questions or comments, send electronic mail to reshkin.karen@epamail.epa.gov.

3.On diskette from USEPA Region 5.

Use the order form on the next page. The appropriate number of formatted 3?" HIGH DENSITY diskettes for each software program must be enclosed with each order; DO NOT SEND MONEY. See order form for the number of diskettes required (programs take 1 diskette unless otherwise specified). Mail the completed order form and diskettes to the address shown. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

4.America Online subscribers may download some of the smaller programs in their entirety via modem. Use Keyword COL files, then enter Teacher File Exchange, and look in ASCII and Spanish File Exchange collections.


1. Check the box for each software program you want.
2. Enclose the appropriate number of formatted 3?" HIGH DENSITY
diskettes for each software package; programs take 1 diskette unless otherwise specified.
3. Send completed order form and diskettes to:
Karen Reshkin
U.S. EPA Region 5
77 W. Jackson, P-19J
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
[tel. (312) 353-6353]
Where to deliver the software package(s):


How did you find out about the software?

? AGPPAgricultural Pollution Prevention (2 diskettes)
? BIF	RCRA Boiler & Industrial Furnace Regulations
? CAPRCRA Corrective Action Process (2 diskettes)
? CMARMunicipal Pollution Prevention Diagnostic Planner
? COMPRISKComparative Risk Assessment (4 diskettes)
? EARG    Environmental Assessment Resource Guide (13 diskettes) 
? ENERGYResidential Energy Efficiency (6 diskettes)
? EROSIONBest Management Practices for Soil Erosion 
(2 diskettes)
? FARMFERTFertilizer Storage and Handling Practices on the Farm
? FARMFUELPetroleum Storage Practices on the Farm
? FARMPESTPesticide Storage and Handling Practices on the Farm
? FARMSITESoil and Geologic Site Evaluation
? FISH	Chemical Contamination in Fish (3 diskettes)
? GRNDWATR Groundwater Education System
? HEARTHeart to Heart
? INDOORIndoor Air Quality (4 diskettes)
? INJECTUIC Class V Injection Wells
? LANDSCPWater Efficient Landscape Planner 
? LEADThe Lead Contamination Information System
? LEADENVLead in the Environment
? MILKMilking Center Wastewater Treatment 
(2 diskettes)
? MSW v2.0Municipal Solid Waste Factbook & Landfill Inventory
? NPPC Educators E-mail List
? ONSITEPrinciples & Design of Onsite Waste Disposal with Septic
? OZONEStratospheric Ozone Depletion (3 diskettes)
? PESTREGSWorker Protection Standard
? PREVENTPollution Prevention 	(5 diskettes)
? PRIVATEPrivate Water Systems Education System 
	(2 diskettes)
? SPANCONResidential Water Conservation Techniques - Spanish
? SPANFERTFertilizer Storage and Handling - Spanish Version
? SPANLANDWater Efficient Landscape Planner - Spanish Version
? SPANLEADLead in the Environment - Spanish Version
? SPANPESTPesticide Storage & Handling - Spanish Version
? SPANPRIVPrivate Water Systems - Spanish Version 
	(2 diskettes)
? SURFWATRSurface Water Education System (2 diskettes)
? SVGAHERBElectronic Wetlands Herbarium (SVGA version) (19
diskettes)	 Original Midwest Edition
? UNSEWERAlternatives for Unsewered Communities 
	(3 diskettes)
? VGAHERBElectronic Wetlands Herbarium (VGA version) ( 10
diskettes)	 Original Midwest Edition
? WASTELivestock Waste Storage (2 diskettes)
? WATCONResidential Water Conservation Techniques
? WELLHEADWellhead Protection
? WETLANDSWetlands Education System (2 diskettes)
? YARDSLivestock Yards Management (2 diskettes)

Burton Hamner, Corporate Programs Manager
Clean Technology and Environmental Management Initiative
US-Asia Environmental Partnership / ASEAN Environmental Improvement Project
Sponsored by the US Agency for International Development
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Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines
TEL: (632) 816-6576
FAX: (632) 818-6470
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