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The Environment Department was created in 1982. According to the Rules of Business and official orders,the Department has the following functions:
i) Environment and ecology.
ii) Prevention and control of pollution of air,water and land.
iii)Co-ordination between departments and agencies of the State and the Union Government concerned with the policies and schemes relating to environment.
iv) All matters connected with
a) The West Bengal Pollution Control Board and
b)Institute of Environmental Studies & Wetland Management

In December,1986 the Rules of Business were amended to include environmental clearance of State Government Projects by the Department of Environment.
On 5th June 1995 the Department framed an Environmental Policy Statement given as Appendix-I
The Department works mainly through

  • The West Bengal Pollution Control Board
  • Institute of Environmental Studies & Wetland Management
  • West Bengal Biodiversity Board
  • Universities/Research Institutes
  • Other Government Organisations
  • Local Bodies
  • NGOs/Civil Society Organisations
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