Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc
Email: Envis@ces.iisc.ernet.in
WWW home page: http://ces.iisc.ernet.in/hpg/envis/



WWW server at CES with ENVIS home page is created on 9/5/95 in order to achieve the following objectives of ENVIS centre at CES more effectively and efficiently:

  1. To document information in the form of reports, research publications and other material on ecological problems of the Western Ghats region and of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and the Ecodevelopment approach.

  2. To generate eco-development oriented action programs and disseminate information on such action programs.

  3. To document information on distribution and conservation of Biological Diversity with special reference to Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and Western Ghats.

  4. To develop and disseminate methodology of generating the information base for conservation of Biological Diversity of specific region.

The address for ENVIS homepage is http://ces.iisc.ernet.in/hpg/envis/

Emergence of the internet has truly revolutionized the process of information dissemination. The World-Wide-Web in particuylar has proved to be a fast, easy, inexpensive and user friendly route for distributing up-to-date information to any part of the world.

Envis centre of the CES was one of the first envis centres to recognize the potential of the www to its activity of information disseminatioin. It is all the more relevant now, since internet access is becoming available to increasingly larger number of institutions (and even individuals) with in the country day by day.

The ENVIS (CES) activity in this direction started only a few weeks ago, almost as soon as the www server at the CES become operational. The phase I involved training the envis personnel in the internet operations which was done rather informally. In this phase itself, the home-page envis was created, and information is continuously being added to it.

The Envis homepage is designed to perform largely three kinds of services:

  1. To give access to the CES, envis information

  2. To provide links to other WWW sites relevant to ecology, environment, forestry, agriculture etc. in India as well as elsewhere

  3. To enable searches on the internet