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There are number of good Kannda s/w's are available in market. The s/w
which I come across Baraha, Windows based one. If you want to procure
reliable good s/w's obviously the choice is LEAP Office, ISM Publishers
from C-DAC, Pune based government enterprise. For exact details vist url
or communicate to below mentioned email address.

        URL is or email

I hope this information will help you getting good s/w

K.PRAKASH                       Tel.: 079-6425971/6569695/6560528
Scientific/Technical Officer-I  Fax : 079-6560990
INFLIBNET Centre                Gram: INFLIBNET, UGC, AHMEDABAD-380009
University Grants Commission    Email:
Gujarat University Campus    
P.B.No.4116, Navrangpura        URL:

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> Dear friends
> If you have come across any Kannada software or any multilingual software
> with Kannada included, which is key-board-friendly (with least hassels) and
> compatible with Page-maker, a DTP software, please inform me.
> Bye,
> Prasad
> K.N. Prasad
> Director, Institute of Information Studies
> 702, 42nd Cross, 3rd Block, Rajajinagar
> Bangalore 560 010
> E-mail:
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This message was sent by Dr. Vyasa Moorthy, in response to
Dr. Prasada's query regarding Kannada Software. There was
some problem in forwarding Dr. Vyasa Moorhty's message, on
LIS-Forum. So, I am sending it again, on his behalf.
He may be contacted for more details (

- T.B. Rajashekar

I am giving below details of Baraha, Kannada Transliteration Scheme and

Vyasamoorthy, P
Baraha, the First, Free, Practical solution for Kannada D.T.P.

Welcome dear kannadigas,

'Baraha' is a transliteration software which converts 'Kannada written in
English' (i call this as Kanglish) to Kannada script. With this

functionality, Baraha can be used in any place where you want to deal with
kannada script. Baraha is a Windows application
available for both

16Bit and 32Bit platforms.
The following are some specific instances where Baraha is useful.

    Kannada Desk Top Publishing(D.T.P.)
    Publishing Kannada WEB pages in Internet
    Kannada E-MAIL
    Kannada chat applications.

Other Indian Languages DTP Software
There are some DTP software available in the market for publishing in
kannada. But these software use their own keyboard layouts.

who want to use such software have to practice the keyboard before they
can achive good speed. The keyboard layouts vary from
one Indian

language to other and also are not consistent for the same language. These
programs convert the English characters typed by the
user on the

fly, to the Indian language characters. Because of this, the original
characters typed by the user are lost and can not be saved to a
disk file.

Instead, they are converted into some gibberish characters, which are
meaningful only when you have that particular Indian
language font.

Also these programs have to be used with other word processors, and can
not operate in standalone mode.

How Baraha program is different ?

   To use Baraha, the user has to know only one keyboard; which is the
standard English keyboard. With this one keyboard he can

   generate scripts in various Indian languages. For many people, typing
Indian languages in English is much easier than typing in

   language specific keyboards. In fact, writing Kannda words in Baraha is
as easy as Indians writing their names in English.

   In Baraha the 'source'(input) typed by the user can always be saved,
and the same source can be converted into more than one

   language script. For example, let's say you have typed 'yadhaa...
yadhaahi DhaRmasya glaaniRbhavathi bhaaratha'
   (bhagavadhgeethe) in English; now you can transliterate this text into
Kannada, Devanagari, Telugu etc. This also means that,

   can edit documents for any Indian language even if he is not so
familiar with that script.
   The source is always readable, even when the fonts are missing, because
it is in English.
   Baraha can be used in standalone mode for editing, printing in Indian
scripts. It also allows you to format the output text.

   Baraha can be used with other word processors such as MS-WORD for
producing state of the art documents in Indian languages.

   script edited in Baraha can be copied to clip-board and pasted into
other word processors.
   The output of Baraha can be saved as an HTML file. This html file can
later be opened HTML editors for further enhancement.

   User can send E-Mails in Indian languages directly from Baraha, either
as a HTML document, or plain English text.
   Baraha supports Multiple, Rich Indian language Script(multiple fonts,
color, fonts, sizes). More than one Indian language script
can be

   used at the same time (if the plugin is available for that language)
   New languages can be added as plugins.

Baraha is absolutely Free!

Baraha is developed with an intention to provide a free Kannada D.T.P.
software with the very basic features, to enable kannadigas
to use

Kannada in the cyberworld. Use Baraha for creating Kannada documents,
sending Kannda E-Mails to your
friends/relatives, publishing your favourite articles in Kannada. Please
visit this web site for future updates
of Baraha and other software.

Indian Scripts other than Kannada ?
Baraha is a multilingual application. But, at present, it supports only
Kannada and English, other Indian scripts such as Devanagari,
Telugu etc

will be added in future as plugins.

A Message

Dear friends,

So far, i have received many letters from you appreciating my work,
regarding Baraha. Many
thanks to your response. Some of you have suggested new features to be
added to Baraha. I will
try to implement them in the future versions of Baraha. Some of you have
even suggested to
accept the royalty for my work, if people wish to pay voluntarily. Those
who think that Baraha
is really useful for them, may voluntarily send their contributions to
"anakRu prathiShTAna".
Your contributions will be used for various cultural programs, literary
activities and for the
cause of Kannada language. Make check/Draft/MoneyOrder payable to the
following account.

            ANAKRU PRATHISHTANA, A/C NO 7270,
            KARNATAKA BANK
            BANGALORE - 560085

Check/Draft/MoneyOrder can be sent to the following address

            57, I.T.I. LAYOUT, VIDYAPEETA
            BANASHANKARI 3rd STAGE
            BANGALORE - 560085.

Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan


Please read the following topics completely. They answer most of your
problems\questions using

Baraha uses a TrueType font called "Baraha Kan" which is in the
barahakn.ttf file. When Baraha
program is executed, it automatically installs this font for its usage.
Therefore, during the
execution time of Baraha, this Kannada font will be available for other
windows applications
such as MS-Word and Internet browsers. But if you want this font to be
always available to
other applications, then you have to install this font manually from the
Control Panel. To
install the font, click the "Fonts" icon in the "Control Panel" in
Windows; Select the
barahkn.ttf file and install it.

Barahakn.ttf font that comes with Baraha1.1 is slightly modified for
better, But it is
compatible with the previous "Baraha Kan" font. You have to re-install
this new 'Baraha Kan'
font. If you have already installed the old 'Baraha Kan'(Baraha1.0) font,
First un-install it
and then install the new 'Baraha Kan' font. To un-install the font click
the "Fonts" icon in
the "Control Panel" in Windows; Select the font and un-install(delete) it.
If you are unabe to
un-install the font, restart the machine and try again.

Baraha has built-in help window which shows the grammer of writing Kannada
using English
characters, and formatting the text using switches. Click
sahaaya\vyaakaraNa menu command to
access this help window. You can click sahaaya\udhaaharaNegaLu menu
command to see some sample
Kannada words written in English characters. To access more help on Baraha
click the
sahaaya\baLasuvike menu command. It will take you to the Windows help
system for Baraha. In
this help file you can get important tips for doing the following tasks.

   Sending emails in Kannada.
   Working with other word-processors like MS-Word.
   Printing in Kannada.
   Publishing HTML pages in Kannada e.t.c.

There are some sample "kan" files that come with Baraha software. You can
open them in Baraha
to understand writing Kannada words using English characters.


   You can not edit directly in other word processors like MS-Word using
'Baraha Kan' font.
   You have to transliterate(CTRL+T) the text to Kannada script before
saving it as a HTML
   The Kannada window, Preview window, English window and the Help window
are all resizable
   windows. You can resize them accordng to your wish. Drag the
   separators using mouse, to adjust the window sizes.
   You can set the size of the English characaters different from the size
of Kannada
   characters. This allows you to make the size of the multi script text
to look even. You
   can either use the "Default Settings" dialog box or use switches to set
the characters
   The Headers/Footers can only be in Kannada or English script and not
both. You can set
   this option in the Page Setup Dialog box.
   By Default, the menu is in Kannada. But, you can toggle it to English
by clicking the
   Menu Icon (the first icon in the tool bar).
   Due to the Operating Systems constraints, the maximum size of the
baraha document file is
   as follows.

                 Baraha16.exe: On Windows3.1, Windows95, WindowsNT: 64KB.
                 Baraha.exe: On Windows95: Between 30KB-60KB based on
other running
                 Baraha.exe: On Windows NT: 4GB.

                If you plan to create huge Kannada documents containing
hundreds of pages, use
Baraha.exe(32bit version) on Windows NT machine.

    In Baraha1.1 the files will be saved with a .kan extension by default.
But you can also
   open .txt files.

Baraha is copyrighted  and given to all for deployment as a freeware, for
documentation-reporting activity for personal usage, in Govt and non-Govt
organisations, for
jouranlistic-literary activities such as magazines, newspapers and other
publications and for
other non-profit activities. For any other commercial usage, permission
must be obtained from
the address shown below. Baraha can be copied and distributed to others,
as long as no fee is
charged for that purpose.

Send your problems/comments/suggestions regarding Baraha to the following

Sheshadrivasu Chandrasekharan
57, I.T.I. Layout
BSK 3rd Stage
Bangalore - 560085


DR P Vyasamoorthy,  Manager, Knowledge Services
Satyam Computer Services, Bahadurpalli
Hyderabad 500043
Phone 309 7505  email:

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     Dear friends

     If you have come across any Kannada software or any multilingual
     with Kannada included, which is key-board-friendly (with least
hassels) and
     compatible with Page-maker, a DTP software, please inform me.



     K.N. Prasad
     Director, Institute of Information Studies
     702, 42nd Cross, 3rd Block, Rajajinagar
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     Phone: (080) 3305109