US $2,000 GRANTS

The World Nature Association provides small grants for either 
conservation related field research or conservation and education 
projects. You need not be affiliated with an institution or organization 
to apply. No award will exceed US $2,000 and we are interested in 
applications for smaller amounts. General criteria for funding are the 
following (1) The project location should be outside of the USA; (2)
there should be involvement of local people; (3) conservation education, 
sustainable development (if applicable) and conservation research should 
be stressed; (4) preference will be given to žstart-upÓ projects rather than 
those already receiving funds from larger organizations; (5) applied research 
projects are preferred to basic research projects; (6) grants cannot cover 
education costs (tuition, books) nor proposals that request only travel money.
Deadlines for proposals are March 1 and and October 1 of each year. To 
obtain application forms, and further information on projects funded by the 
WNA contact World Nature Association, PO Box 673, Silver Spring, 
Maryland 20918-0673, USA, Fax (301) 593- 2522.