Subject: NEpnet - Internet in Nepal
I'm writing you to announce the recent launch of NepalNet, the Nepal
sustainable development Internet networking program in Nepal. Funded by
Canada's International Development Research Centre's Pan Asia Networking
Project, it is coordinated by the International Centre for Integrated
Mountain Development, Nepal. 

NepalNet is a Website that provides access to information on and about
Nepal, in addition to serving as an electronic space where Nepalis and
friends of Nepal can come together and voice their opinions on various

NepalNet houses the autonomous Web sites of each of its 31 Nepali network
members.  In addition, NepalNet provides an extensive archive of on-line
information about Nepal under the following key development sectors: 

- Agriculture
- Ecology & Biodiversity
- Education
- Economics and Employment
- Forestry
- Sociology & Demography
- Policy & Law
- Technology & Infrastructure
- Water, Earth, & Atmosphere

NepalNet at  supports a number of easily
accessible services including: 
- E-mail discussion groups
- Web based bulletin board service
- a Daily News Advisory

This site is designed to provide information resources to researchers,
development practitioners, government organizations and others interested
in issues on Nepal and development. 

We invite you and your colleagues to visit this site and offer any
feedback or suggestions you feel may enhance the web site.  We especially
encourage you to share this information with your own partner institutions
and networks. 

We look forward to your visits to the NepalNet Web Site and hearing from

Anju Shrestha
Information Analyst cum Writer
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
GPO Box 3226
Kathmandu, Nepal

web site: