some suggestions for sources other than JBNHS, Hornbill, Newsletter for
Birdwatchers, Pitta, etc (which I am sure you are already accessing): 

1. For Himachal Pradesh, A&N, and Karnataka, we have published Directories
of National Parks and Sanctuaries, which contain bird lists for each PA. I
cannot vouch for the authenticity of each list, for many are based on
records of the Forest Department or local NGOs and have not been verified
by us, however they should serve as useful preliminary lists. We have, of
course, tried to eliminate obvious mistakes or misreportings (such as
Pinkheaded duck from Karnataka!). These Directories are available at
Publications Division, Indian Institute of Public Administration, I.P.
Estate, New Delhi 110002 (Tel: 011-3317309; Fax: 011-3319954); each costs
between Rs. 150 and 250. 

2. For Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Jammu and Kashmir, similar
Directories are under preparation; I believe bird lists should already
have been compiled for these. Pl. get in touch with Pratibha Pande, D112,
Rabindra Nagar, Amrita Shergill Marg, New Delhi 110003 (Tel: 4692903). 

3. For Goa, the Directory is under preparation under the guidance of
Sunita Rao, who is available at the same address/email as myself. Bird
lists are not yet compiled, but will be over the next 2-3 months. 

4. Several state governments have their own directories of PAs, with some
bird lists in them. You should write to the Chief Wildlife Warden of each
state for these. Again, pl. take the lists with a pinch of salt, but in
many cases that's all that exists. 

5. For other states, there may be some information available with my
colleague Shekhar Singh at IIPA; you could ask him for bird lists of other

Hope that helps. 


Ashish Kothari


Apt. 5 Shree Dutta Krupa

908 Deccan Gymkhana, Pune 411004

Telefax: 0212-354239