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The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) has released results of a new opinion poll which shows that an overwhelming majority of Canadians (82 percent) are interested in buying wind-generated electricity.

The poll, organized by Nor'wester Energy Systems, Ltd., of Calgary, Alberta, and funded by Kenetech Windpower (Quebec), Vestas American Wind Technology, CanWEA and in kind by Nor'wester, was held in mid-August and was conducted by the Environics Research Group with Synergistics Consulting (The Environmental Monitor). It polled 1,500 adult Canadians across the nation by telephone.

Some of the results include:

The detailed polling results show provincial statistical breakdowns, and are expected to be used by the funding participants for market research, customer targeting, to enhance lobbying efforts, and to raise the positive profile of wind energy to decision makers, CanWEA said in a news release.

The CanWEA poll is the latest in a long series of opinion surveys that have recorded the public's strong preference for renewable energy (see Wind Energy Weekly #629, January 9, 1995, for results of a major survey in the U.S.)

Participants in the poll, CanWEA said, have expressed interest in conducting additional polls in the future, and sharing the costs, with CanWEA leading the group. For information on participating, contact CanWEA, 100, 3553 - 31 Street, NW, Calgary, AB T2L 2K7, Canada, phone (800) 9-CANWEA (in Canada) or (403) 289-7713, fax (403) 282-1238, e-mail . The next poll could be held as early as December or January, CanWEA said.


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