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Much of CORAL FOREST's mission to preserve coral reef ecosystems is accomplished through education. As a part of our organizational strategy and in response to numerous requests from teachers around the world, CORAL FOREST has developed an interdisciplinary, hands-on Teacher's Guide for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. With more than 160 pages, it is currently the most extensive and comprehensive coral reef teacher's guide available in the United States.

CORAL FOREST's Executive Director Wendy Weir recruited master teachers experienced in curriculum development to help produce this spirally integrated guide. It was first written and tested in the classroom by our team of teachers, then edited and field-tested by other teachers, educators from major aquariums and scientific institutions, scientific advisors, and CORAL FOREST staff. The guide is contained in a three-ring binder making it easy to add information and lesson plan updates. A full-color interpretive poster - The Coral Forest: Diversity of Life on the Coral Reef, a scripted slide presentation, and several books are also available as supplementary references, along with our web site located at


The objective of the Teacher's Guide is to present students and teachers with highly informative yet interesting educational material that will encourage them to think about the complexity of coral reefs and their surrounding environment, the threats reefs are facing, and the possible solutions to these threats. The guide also presents students with different ways to take action to save reefs, thereby instilling in them the understanding and confidence that they can improve the world in which they live.

Included in this site are detailed lesson plans, various maps, background information, and other associated resources. This site is developed in detail for Elementary, Middle, and High school lessons and can be incorporated into any subject area.

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