China's 1st ozone conference held


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=================CEN English Edition ======================

Issue No. 87 October 1996

*Front page
      1.Contaminated plastic waste makes global circumnavigation
      2.Foreign polluters dumping problems
      3.Giant pandas in danger
      4.Poachers kill rare egrets
      5."Clean up the world" helps clean up Beijing
*Page 2 (Domestic News)
      1.Shanghai purifies vehicles' emission
      2.Illegal lumbering gets repeat offender a life in prison
      3.Traffic noise deafens urban China
      4.20 tons of liquid chlorine devastate factory area
*Page 3 (International exchange)
      1.guangdong wars with expensive acid rain
      2.Primeval dragon spruce discovered
      3.Alarming dolphin deaths
      4.China's first ozone layer conference held in Beijing
*Page 4-5 (Focus)
      1.Extraordinary Dongting flooding: a message from nature to humans
      2.Sheep, insects,humans assault hardy spruce
      3.Snowline recedes in Qilian Mountains
*Page 6 (Opinion)
      1.Banks shocked by closure of small paper mills
      2.System forces culprit to pay for clean-up
*Page 7 (Science & Technology)
      1.Jnangsu controls river sand excavation
      2.Cry my beloved Yangtze River
      3.Eco-friendly, ediable snack containers made
      4.Potent water processor satistics industrial clients
*Page 8 (Features)
      1.Green dream lives in alkaline fields


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