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Dear Researcher,

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, a major publisher of abstracting journals and bibliographic databases, is giving us free access, on trial basis, to over 70 databases, till 15th July 1996. The databases can be searched using any Web browser that supports forms.

I am giving below the instructions for accessing these databases and also the complete list of databases. As it can be seen, there are several specialised databases (e.g. Materials Science, Super Conductivity), which may be of interest to you.

Your feedback about this service by CSA is welcome. Please send your feedback to

If you have any queries about CSA, you may contact Ms. Sarah Ives, CSA (e-mail :



1. Open your WWW browser.

2. Enter URL: and the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Home Page will appear.

3. Move cursor to and click on "Internet Database Service."

4. The "User Database List" page will appear. Scroll down to view the databases available for access. To select a database for searching, simply click on the box(es) provided on the left.

7. Once you have selected the database to search, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Search" button.

8. The "Query Page" will appear. You may search by "title", "author", or "words in any field." For a general search you may opt to use a keyword. Simply enter a "keyword(s)" into the "words in any field" box and then click the "Search" button.

NOTE: Adjacency searching is automatic in the "words in any field" box. Truncation and boolean searching is also possible. The "expert box" allows for truncation, boolean, nesting and the use field codes. Click on the words "SEARCHING THE IDS" to get an overview and/or more information on complex searching.

9. The "Search Results Summary" page will appear. Click on the results number, "Hits" (to the right of the database titles) to view the "Title List" page which lists the abstract articles pertaining to your search. Then simply click on a title to view the abstract.

To download, mark records, view serials source lists or for information on document delivery, simply click on the appropriate words underlined at the top of the "Title List" page.

For more details, please refer to "help and information" guide ( accessible via the main Internet Database Service page.



Following is the complete list :

  ASFA 1: Biological Sciences & Living Resources
  ASFA 2: Ocean Technology, Policy & Non-Living Resources
  ASFA 3: Aquatic Pollution & Environmental Quality
  ASFA Aquaculture Abstracts
  ASFA Marine Biotechnology Abstracts
  ASFA: Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts Set
  Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology Abstracts
  Algology, Mycology & Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiology C)
  Animal Behavior Abstracts
  Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B)
  BioEngineering Abstracts
  Biological Sciences Set
  Biology Digest
  Biotechnology & Bioengineering Set
  CSA Neurosciences Abstracts
  Calcium & Calcified Tissue Abstracts
  Chemoreception Abstracts
  Computer & Information Systems Abstracts
  Conference Papers Index
  EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements
  EMAJ: Anatomy, Anthropology, Embryology and Histology
  EMAJ: Arthritis and Rheumatism
  EMAJ: Biophysics, Bioengineering and Medical Instrumentation
  EMAJ: Clinical and Experimental Biochemistry
  EMAJ: Drug Dependence, Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  EMAJ: Endocrinology
  EMAJ: Environmental Health and Pollution Control
  EMAJ: General Pathology and Pathological Anatomy
  EMAJ: Gerontology and Geriatrics
  EMAJ: Human Genetics
  EMAJ: Immunology, Serology and Transplantation
  EMAJ: Microbiology: Bacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology and Virology
  EMAJ: Occupational Health and Industrial Medicine
  EMAJ: Physiology
  EMAJ: Public Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology
  Ecology Abstracts
  Electronics & Communications Abstracts
  Engineered Materials Abstracts
  Engineered Materials Abstracts, Ceramics
  Engineered Materials Abstracts, Composites
  Engineered Materials Abstracts, Polymers
  Entomology Abstracts
  Environmental Sciences and Pollution Mgmt. (Searches 12 CSA Titles)
  Genetics Abstracts
  Health & Safety Sciences Abstracts
  Health and Pollution Control
  Human Genome Abstracts
  Immunology Abstracts
  Industrial & Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiology A)
  International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) TOXLINE
  LEGI-SLATE: Overviews & Outlooks of Environmental Bills
  LEGI-SLATE: Title 40 CFR Changes
  LEGI-SLATE: Title 40 CFR Proposed & Final Rules
  MEDLINE (Box A = 1991-1995; Box C = 1996 only)
  Materials Business File
  Mechanical Engineering Abstracts
  Medical & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Abstracts
  Microbiology Set
  Microcomputer Abstracts
  Nucleic Acids Abstracts
  Risk Abstracts
  Solid State & Superconductivity Abstracts
  Toxicology Abstracts
  Virology & AIDS Abstracts
  Water Resources Abstracts
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