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Current subscribers to the list are from 21 countries and engage in the research and commercial production of biomass crops and fuels, the conversion of biomass to more that 200 MWe in operating plants, the construction and testing of commercial scale pilot facilities for combustion, gasification and anaerobic digestion, testing and analysis of environmental impacts for bioenergy, and promotion and planning of future bioenergy resources. Current topics of discussion and pending issues are listed below.

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January 10, 1996
  Cook stoves competition
  Open core gasifiers
  Biofuel heating values
  Biogas from manures
  Conference Announcements
  Conversion of Biofuels to Alcohol
  Emissions from Bioenergy Plants
  Bioenergy Newsletters: NBIA, Energy Crops
  European Technologies for Converting Grasses to Electricity
  Cofiring Coal and Switchgrass, Firing Tests
  Small scale Wood Chip Burners, Gasifiers
  Commercial Gasifiers, Hawaii Gasifier, Battelle Gasifier
  Bioenergy Spreadsheet Models
  Alkali and Particulate Emissions, Deposits
  Literature on Biomass Energy in Rural Areas
  Alfalfa Energy Project
  Energy Crops: Poplar, Switchgrass
  Bioenergy List Directory, Archives, Comments
  Electronic Bioenergy Information: Kiosk Online, Biomass Information
  Networks, EREN
  Economic Impacts of Bioenergy in the Northeast 
  Rice Hull Combustion and Gasification

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        The Bioenergy Mailing List at Solstice
This is a mailing list for the discussion of biomass as a sustainable energy resource. It intends to involve
academia, and
in discussions about the current state of the art and future directions in biomass energy industry and research. Topics will include but not be limited to

combustion, gasification and power generation
biomass energy resources
biofuel conversion
anaerobic digestion
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Jim Tischer, Thermo Electron Energy Systems,

Jane Turnbull, Electric Power Research Institute, Larry Baxter, Sandia National Laboratories, Bryan Jenkins, University of California, Davis, Dave Swanson, Western Regional Biomass Energy Program, Jim Kerstetter, Washington Department of Energy, Alex Sifford, Oregon Department of Energy, Marc Andraca, Winrock International, MARCA@DC.WINROCK.ORG

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