Internet Biology Education Project



The Internet Biology Education (BioEd) Project is based in the Botany Department at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. This project aims to make use of the Western Cape Schools Network (WCSN), and the University's internal network linked to the FRD's Uninet, to evaluate the feasibility of producing and distributing teaching aids and making other resources available through Internet access by schools that are part of the WCSN. The resources are available for global access,and encourages biology teachers and pupils around the globe to interact with their counterparts in south Africa.


The following resources are currently accessible (follow the RESOURCES link on the home page):

Electronic mailing lists: Join one of the lists that have been set up for biology pupils and teachers.

Discussion forum: Specifically aimed at teachers, this is running as a test at present. Other discussion forums will be added if there is interest.

The "Focus On" Series: On-line magazine articles and virtual presentations on various topics of biology and nature.

Biological resources for pupils: Things that have been developed for pupils, including our growing on-line Standard 8 textbook, as well as resources that are mirrored on our server, and links to useful resources elsewhere.

Biological resources for teachers: Resources specifically for the teacher, including worksheets, suggestions, things you can use for illustrating key points, links, etc.

Biology and related newsgroups: Newsgroups can be a valuable discussion forum, as well as a means of locating other resources, and querying the experts.

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