New book: Governing the Atom: The Politics of Risk


New book

Governing the Atom: The Politics of Risk

By John Byrne and Steven M. Hoffman, editors. 1996.

Publisher: Transaction Publishers.
Energy and Environmental Policy Series, Volume 7

Promoted as a form of limitless, low-cost energy without the polluting effects of its fossil fuel counterparts, nuclear power has enjoyed unparalleled support in several countries. Despite the development of an extensive set of policy and institutional mechanisms to foster its use, nuclear technology has been troubled by a wide range of problems and continues to pose risks many believe are far greater than society should accept. The legacy of failure ranges from catastrophic accidents like that at Chernobyl to the declaration of bankruptcy by the Washington Public Power Supply System. "Governing the Atom" explores why support for the technology remains substantial.

The first part of this volume examines the social institutions that have accompanied the development of nuclear power. The second part details the numerous accommodations which have been required of society, beginning with the technology's impact on communities and geographic regions particularly affected by mining and milling. The technology's inherent tendency towards "normal" accidents" and the conflict between expert and public opinion on the dangers involved is examined, as are the on-going problems of waste disposal and decommissioning. The volume concludes with an examination of nuclear power developments in France, Germany, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Eastern Europe, Korea, and Japan.

The volume provides a needed vehicle for the timely consultation and dissemination of current research on important energy policy issues. "Governing the Atom" provides insightful commentary regarding the initiation and development of nuclear technology. It will be of interest to policymakers, energy and environmental experts, sociologists and historians of technology, and all those interested in the problem of democracy in a technological society.

About the Editors

John Byrne is the director of the center for energy and environmental policy research at the University of Delaware and a professor in the graduate college of urban affairs and public policy.

Steven M. Hoffman is an associate professor of political science at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, and director of its environmental studies program. He is also an adjunct research professor at the center for energy and environmental policy research at the University of Delaware.

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