management of insects. Also include your level of responsibility such as student, farm worker, insect survey worker, biological research technician, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) scout, etc.. 2. Describe your training and/or experience with pest surveys, pest control programs, or similar work which involved the use of insect monitoring devices, other insect detection techniques or pesticides. Be specific by listing the courses, the programs and your level of responsibility for each training and/or experience listed. 3. Describe your training and/or experience which shows your ability to a) gather information by research; b) use computers; c) keep scientific records; and/or d) write reports. List your level of responsibility for each area listed in this question (such as assistant technician, student, lead technician, supervisor, trainee, Intern, survey technician). List the particular computer software used, how frequently you used them and if you used the computers to perform data searches. href="jan97.html">JANUARY 1997

  • FEBRUARY 1997

  • MARCH 1997

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