Energy and Environment - WWW Links


  • ENCO

    This is the home page for ENCO Energy and Environmental Conservation. The site provides information about the Hy-Save Liquid Pressure Amplifier and the Hy-Dry Subcooling Reheat Coil.

  • IRT Environment, Inc.

    IRT Environment is an energy and environmental information firm. The web site provides access to IRT publications and to case studies from utilities and other agencies published by The Results Center, which is IRT's clearinghouse for energy efficiency program information.

  • Alliance to Save Energy

    The Alliance to Save Energy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the efficient use of energy. The web site includes the following sections: about the Alliance, the Campaign to Save Energy, programs, associates, publications, energy-saving tips, Board of Directors, what's new, and energy efficiency links.

  • Commercialization Ventures Program

    This web site describes a Department of Energy program to expedite the commercialization of renewable energy technologies. The site includes the following sections: about the Commercialization Ventures Program (CVP), eligible technologies, participants, CVP participation, participation requirements, selection process, and contacts.

  • Sustainable Energy Strategy: Clean and Secure Energy for a Competitive Economy

    This is the 1995 National Energy Policy Plan required by Section 801 of the Department of Energy Organization Act. The report describes the Clinton Administration's energy policy.

  • This Whole House

    This Whole House provides information about energy efficient mortgages, home energy ratings, and "whole house" diagnostics and energy improvements. The web site also includes a list of related links and describes products, services, and training.

  • Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program

    The Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program (GLRBEP) web site includes an overview of the GLRBEP, a description of state and regional projects, and a list of publications.

  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

    This web site provides information about the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), NYSERDA programs, contacts, NYSERDA's Guide to Doing R&D Business, research opportunities, and a list of other sites.

  • Hydrogen InfoNet

    Hydrogen InfoNet is a U.S. Department of Energy web site designed to show how hydrogen can help meet the need for a safe, clean, versatile form of renewable energy. The site includes access to the following: articles, fact sheets, reports, and publications lists; technical project summaries; information about partnerships in research and development projects, information about the Hydrogen Technical Advisory Panel; educational activities and fun facts; and news and events.

  • Department of Energy Regional Support Offices

    The Regional Support Offices operated by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency are listed on this site. Addresses, telephone numbers, and links to Regional Support Office web sites are provided.

  • Department of Energy National Laboratories and Facilities

    This link provides access to the home pages of U.S. Department of Energy laboratories and other field facilities.

  • Department of Energy Northeast Regional Office

    The is the home page for the U.S. Department of Energy's Northeast Regional Office (NRO) in Boston, Massachusetts. The site offers access to the following: NRO's mission statement, what's new, priority programs, grant programs and special projects, educational and information initiatives, the New England Energy Task Force, and links to other energy resources.

  • Department of Energy/Department of Agriculture Memorandum of Understanding

    On November 2, 1995, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on cooperation and coordination in technology research, development, transfer, utilization, and commercialization. This site provides access to the text of the MOU and to the DOE press release about the MOU.

  • alt.solar.thermal news group

    The alt.solar.thermal news group provides a forum for the discussion of practical solar thermal energy use.

  • alt.energy.homepower news group

    The alt.energy.homepower news group is a forum for the discussion of practical home-scale solar, wind, and hydropower systems.

  • Solar Utilities Network

    The Solar Utilities Network (SUN) Web site provides practical information and strategies for saving energy and using renewable resources in the home. On this site are links to case studies describing the actual applications of sustainable energy technologies, do-it-yourself project ideas, and a schedule of 1996 training courses taught by experts from the SUN.

  • Hidronet

    This Web site (written in Portuguese) deals with hydropower, hydrology, computational fluid dynamics, and related subjects. Hidronet offers information about itself and more than 500 links to resources and software.

  • Electron Connection

    The Electron Connection supplies home power equipment (photovoltaic, hydroelectric) and offers tailored system sizing and specification, installation, and service. An article from the June/July 1994 issue of Home Power Magazine describing the company owners' hybrid power system can be downloaded from this site.

  • Argonne National Laboratory Existing Buildings Efficiency Research Program

    This is the home page for the DOE Office of Building Technologies' Existing Buildings Efficiency Research (EBER) Program at Argonne National Laboratory. The EBER team at Argonne works with communities in the Midwest to enhance the energy efficiency of low-income housing for improved affordability. Links from this Web site include those to information on the National EBER Program, the goals of the Program at Argonne, e-mail access to the members of Argonne's Research Team, descriptions of ongoing EBER projects and activities, and access to a technical report and a working paper prepared by EBER team members.

  • Biomass Resource Information Clearinghouse

    The Biomass Resource Information Clearinghouse (BRIC) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory provides biomass resource data for various areas of the United States. The BRIC Web site provides a definition of biomass, access to two glossaries of biomass-related terms, instructions on how to use the BRIC, and a selection of links to biomass resource data by organization.

  • Ascension Technology, Inc.

    This is the Web site for Ascension Technology, Inc., a company that designs and installs solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) power systems, fabricates "balance-of-systems" equipment, performs engineering studies for incorporating PV systems into electric utility grids, and builds and operates solar resource data acquisition systems.

  • Centre for Alternative Technology

    The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is an educational charity that tests, lives with, and displays strategies and tools to "achieve cooperation between the natural, technological, and human worlds." Among other things, the Centre's Web site offers information to learn how good or bad your lifestyle is for the planet, a forum to ask questions about environmentally sustainable technologies, an online catalogue from which CAT books and products can be ordered electronically or conventionally, a 'virtual' tour of its 40-acre site in Wales, and details on its history, educational facilities, and membership requirements.

  • e design Online

    This is the Web site for "e design Online" -- the electronic newsletter of the Florida Design Initiative (FDI). FDI is a forum for leadership from professional design associations, state agencies, local governments, utilities, and academic institutions in Florida to develop strategies for improving the energy efficiency and performance of public buildings.

  • Florida Design Initiative

    The Florida Design Initiative (FDI) works with design professionals to develop an overall strategy for including "best practice" energy efficiency standards in the building industry. FDI's home page offers access to information about itself as well as to its "e design Online" newsletter, information about FDI leadership programs and projects, sites on the Web related to energy and architecture, a short list of catalogs of energy resources, the FDI membership and staff directories, and an events calendar.

  • National Association of State Energy Officials

    The Web site for the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) provides background information about the organization (mission statement, strategic plan, staff, and board of directors). Links on this site include those to a directory of state energy offices, updates on fiscal year 1997 state energy appropriations, summaries and highlights of recent energy legislation, results from NASEO's "1995 State Energy Office Survey," and other energy sites.

  • Center for Resourceful Building Technology

    The Center for Resourceful Building Technology (CRBT) educates the public on environmentally sensitive building materials and practices. This site offers information describing research on resource consumption and waste production in building product manufacturing, photos of two demonstration projects, and background information on the CRBT's history, services, educational programs, publications, and training activities.

  • Solar Survival Architecture

    This is the primary Web site to obtain information about "Earthship" home design and construction. Earthships are constructed with recycled automobile tires filled with compacted earth and typically include photovoltaic systems (for independent power production), water collection and recycling systems, and food-producing greenhouses. With these features, Earthships are considered fully independent homes capable of functioning in any climate.

  • Environmental Building News

    The Environmental Building News offers information on healthy, energy- and resource-efficient building practices. Its Web site, also know as "ebuild," provides instructions for subscribing to and ordering back issues of their periodical, recent articles and excerpts from past volumes of the "News," product reviews, and links to each volume's table of contents.

  • Three-D Software Solar Energy and Architecture Index

    Information about 3-D Software's PC-Solar 2.0 computer program is available here. PC-Solar 2.0 graphically simulates shading of overhangs and trees on buildings, calculates solar angles, draws sun charts, and defines the latitudes of all U.S. cities and many foreign cities. Also available here are definitions of various solar design terms and links to other sustainable energy web sites.

  • Industrial Technology Institute Energy and Environmental Center

    The Energy and Environmental Center Web page describes how its services help firms reduce energy costs and minimize environmental waste. This site also provides information about the Center, contact information for the Industrial Technology Institute, an index of their publications, and links to other energy and environmental resources on the Web.

  • SunLab

    SunLab is a research organization of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Utility Technologies which brings together solar thermal expertise from Sandia National Laboratories and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The unveiling of the SunLab Web site corresponds with the inauguration of Solar Two, a 10-megawatt, solar-powered electric generating plant in Daggett, California. Photos of Solar Two, including several "live" shots from the inauguration on June 5th, can be downloaded through this site.

  • OTT Times

    This is the site for obtaining a special edition (Spring 1996) of the DOE Office of Transportation Technologies' newsletter, the "OTT Times."

  • Hy-Save, Inc.

    This is the home page for Hy-Save, Inc., a company that specializes in energy saving technologies that increase refrigeration and air conditioning system performance and capacity while improving indoor air quality by removing moisture.

  • Bioenergy Home Page

    The BioEnergy Home Page is "a resource for bioenergy, bioconversion, and bioprocess technology." Among other items of interest on this site are documents on bioprocessing for liquid fuels from biomass feedstocks and enzymatic methods for deinking, bleaching, and recycling paper, identification of research personnel to assist in bioprocess development, and highlights from the recent 18th Symposium on Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass.

  • U.S. Department of Energy Building Standards and Guidelines Program

    The DOE Building Standards & Guidelines Program (BSGP) assists organizations and code users by developing compliance tools and training materials and by providing information and technical assistance on national model building codes. The BSGP Web site is a resource that provides details on making energy codes usable and simple.

  • Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Global Climate Change Site

    This Web site, created by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, offers access to a comprehensive collection of information on Global Climate Change (GCC) issues.

  • Budget In Brief

    This Web site allows online access to the updated Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy publication, "Budget In Brief: Energy for Today and Tomorrow." In addition to providing details of the President's proposed energy efficiency and renewable energy budget for fiscal year 1997, this document highlights examples of successful new energy products DOE is helping to produce that will prevent pollution, save energy, reduce oil imports, and create new jobs.

  • National Awards Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    Program information, application criteria, a review process description, and a printable application form are available at this site of the 1996 National Awards Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The program, funded by DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and administered by Renew America, recognizes organizations that have implemented energy projects benefiting the nation's environment, economy and security. Awards will be given this year in these six categories: utility technology, building technology, industrial technology, transportation technology, federal energy management, and energy technology and education.

  • Natural Resources Canada Energy Sector

    The Energy Sector department of Natural Resources Canada promotes the efficient use of energy in Canada. Their web site provides access to Energy Sector documents and energy information resources.

  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Advanced International Studies Unit

    The Advanced International Studies Unit (AISU) web site includes the following sections: about AISU, Energy Efficiency Centers, business support, policy analysis and implementation, AISU publications, and staff profiles.

  • Passive Solar Industries Council

    The Passive Solar Industries Council (PSIC) web site provides information about the PSIC, PSIC workshops and services, and PSIC guidelines and software. The site also includes information about PSIC books and resources, frequently asked questions about the Guidelines design manual, and a guide to PSIC members.

  • Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities

    The Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities (IAMU) web site features information about the IAMU, legislative and regulatory issues, and IAMU services. The Energy Efficiency Services portion of the site provides information about efficiency products, programs, and projects.

  • Enchanted Tree Software

    This web site includes information about Enchanted Tree Software products and services, and provides a downloadable version of heat load calculation software.

  • North American Energy Measurement and Verification Protocol

    The North American Energy Measurement and Verification Protocol (NEMVP) Web site offers access to a procedural document that allows buyers, sellers, and financiers of energy projects in buildings to quantify energy conservation measure performance and energy savings. The NEMVP document provides a standard method for deciding cost-effective measurement and verification options for specific projects.

  • Masonry Heater Association of North America

    This is official information site on the World Wide Web for the Masonry Heater Association (MHA) of North America. This site provides background information defining masonry heaters; access to an online MHA member directory; and a link to the MHA library which offers popular articles, a current issue of the Association's newsletter, technical papers, and software (FLUESIM.ZIP) developed to "build chimneys on your desktop!"

  • E Source

    This is the home page for E Source - a membership based information service company serving electric and gas utilities, major energy users, government agencies, research institutions, manufacturers, consultants, and others. This Web site provides information about joining E Source; background about its membership rates and benefits; a calendar of events; access to the latest online issue of the "E News" bimonthly newsletter; and details for ordering the E Source "Electronic Encyclopedia."

  • World Energy Efficiency Association

    The World Energy Efficiency Association (WEEA) serves as a worldwide clearinghouse for information on energy efficiency programs and assists developing countries obtain information on energy efficiency. The WEEA site contains sections on energy efficiency information; descriptions of WEEA programs, personnel, and organization; a listing of electronically available WEEA documents; information from other related organizations; and links to other information servers on the Internet.

  • U.S. Department of Energy Wind Energy Program

    This is Web site for DOE's Wind Energy Program. Available at this site are descriptions of the Program's structure and history; facts about wind energy conversion systems; and access to the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) library publications, downloadable wind turbine photos, resource maps, wind speed data, and related documentation.

  • Cornell Agricultural Energy Program

    The Cornell Agricultural Energy Program (CAEP) is part of the university's Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. The CAEP's goal is to promote energy management practices that will improve the economic competitiveness of agriculture in the Northeastern United States and beyond. The CAEP's home page offers links to descriptions of upcoming educational events, shows, conferences, and seminars; identification of several projects demonstrating the application of energy-efficient technologies on operating dairy farms; excerpts from the quarterly newsletter, "Agricultural Currents;" background information about CAEP research, demonstration, and educational activity sponsors; links to other energy- and education-related Internet sites; and e-mail addresses for contacting CAEP staff.

  • South Carolina Energy Office

    This is the home page for the South Carolina Energy Office. This site helps South Carolinians and others learn how to save money and energy at home and work; provides information on saving money and the environment while behind the wheel of a car; provides answers to energy-related questions; describes the Energy Office's education and training opportunities; reveals how to receive energy services and financing through their Energy Bank Partnership program; and brings people up-to-date on energy efficiency initiatives in South Carolina.

  • Green Building Information Council

    The Green Building Information Council's (GBIC) Web site is sponsored by a Canadian nonprofit organization of the same name. The GBIC server disseminates information about energy and environmental issues in the building sector. This site offers links to organizations in Canada and around the globe involved with environmental, energy, and advanced technology issues in the building sector; access to dedicated news groups hosted by GBIC members; links to databases and search tools related to environmental and energy technology issues in buildings; a news and events section; a registry of building sector research and development projects; and descriptions of the organization's goals, and membership benefits and pricing.

  • Davis Caves

    Davis Caves Construction, Inc., builds earth-sheltered homes. The company's Web site offers background information on its upcoming "Earth Fest '96" festivities and educational workshops; a tribute to the company's founder, the late Andy Davis; photographic samplings of recent construction work and homes built by Davis Caves; access to an online version of the company's "Earth Sheltered News" newsletter; a compilation of frequently asked questions about earth-sheltered construction; and descriptions of the company's design principles, construction techniques, and consulting services.

  • Folkecentre for Renewable Energy

    This is the home page for the Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, a Danish non-governmental organization involved with the development and demonstration of renewable energy technologies; consulting with manufacturers and consumer groups on the production, testing, and approval of these systems; and the distribution of information on renewables. The Folkcentre's home page allows access to examples of its ongoing consultancy and research work; descriptions of its information products, workshops and lectures; and excerpts from its periodical, "The Energi Revue."

  • National Technology Transfer Center

    This is the official Web site for the National Technology Transfer Center, which was established by Congress to assist federal laboratories in finding partners to develop and commercialize new technologies. The NTTC Home Page is divided into four main sections: NTTC activities, projects, and information; U.S. government information sources (WWW Links); search NTTC information and data bases; and technology gateways.

  • U.S. Global Change Research Information Office

    The U.S. Global Change Research Information Office (GCRIO) home page provides access to global change and environmental data and information from around the world. The information available at this site is arranged in these categories: global change research activities; education and funding resources; on-line services; subject catalog; data and information; and GCRIO user survey.

  • University of Massachusetts Renewable Energy Research Laboratory

    The Renewable Energy Research Laboratory allows graduate students the opportunity to develop a program of study on solar and wind energy conversion technologies. This Web site provides a listing of RERL-related courses; information for people interested in studying renewable energy technologies; historical background information on the RERL; profiles of current staff; and lists of current research topics, major facilities, and RERL publications produced from 1982 to 1995.

  • Renew America

    The Renew America home page describes this group's annual, national campaign to identify, verify, and promote effective environmental programs in the U.S. Qualified programs in 26 categories are listed in Renew America's online Environmental Success Index containing approximately 1,600 programs that are eligible for National Awards for Environmental Sustainability. A list of Awards Council members, a nomination form, and background information on applying for a National Award for Environmental Sustainability are also available at this site.

  • Sustainable Minnesota

    The Sustainable Minnesota Web site helps citizens and organizations in the Minnesota region to obtain current information and thereby promote sustainable energy policies. Included on this site are a "What's New At Sustainable Minnesota" section, "1996 Legislative Watch" news postings, Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ME3) organization and project descriptions, e-mail links to ME3 staff and board members, access to "Sustainable Minnesota" and other energy-related newsletters, and a calendar of national and international sustainable energy events, meetings, and conferences.

  • European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources

    This is the home page for the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES). This site offers background information on EURFORES, its origin, aims, objectives, action items, membership and current activities. Texts of some papers distributed by EUFORES and issues of the EUFORES newsletter are available as well as an online form for submitting e-mail to Juan Fraga, the General Secretary of EUFORES.

  • Energy Star Residential Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Program

    This site, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, describes their "Energy Star Programs" which are being applied to help consumers find more energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment, reduce pollution, and save money. Descriptions for Energy Star furnace, heat pump and air conditioner, thermostat, financing, and billing programs are available. Access to the Energy Star Homes Program Web page is also provided at this site.

  • Federal Energy Management Program

    The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Web site provides information on products and services that will help Federal agencies and FEMP partners meet their energy savings goals. Included on the site are selections for information about FEMP, technical assistance, project financing, news and events, "greening" initiatives, showcase facilities, and interagency coordination.

  • National Wind Technology Center

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory's National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) Web site offers information about the potential of wind energy in the marketplace, doing business with the NWTC, wind turbine research, and avian issues. Access to the NWTC's most recent documents and Wind Resource Database, discussions of the current status of wind turbine technologies, and a virtual tour of the NWTC site are also available.

  • Energy Efficient Building Association, Inc.

    The Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA) Web site offers online documents describing their mission, history, functions, programs, and membership options. Background information about attending, sponsoring, and participating at their annual conference and exposition; a draft of their "Criteria" for designing, constructing, and rehabilitating residential and small commercial buildings; and ordering information for available EEBA publications can also be obtained here.

  • Federal Budget

    This White House Office of Management and Budget home page provides access to electronic versions of several 1997 budget-related publications including: the comprehensive budget document, a citizen's guide, the budget supplement, historical tables, and the fiscal year 1996 budget document.

  • Innovative Transportation Technologies

    This Web site provides information about "unconventional" transportation systems that are suitable for meeting mobility needs within major metropolitan areas. All transportation technologies addressed are electrically propelled, are either fully or partially automated with computerized controls, and employ some type of elevated guideway.

  • Home Energy Rating System Guidelines

    This site offers document and table files relating to a recent Federal Register notice on new policy options and technical data that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is considering in its preparation of a final set of voluntary Home Energy Rating System guidelines. The original Federal Register notice was scheduled to be published on April 9, 1996.

    The DOE initially published a notice of proposed rulemaking on July 25, 1995 to establish voluntary guidelines for home energy rating systems. The guidelines were developed in consultation with the Home Energy Rating Systems Council.

    The purpose of this second notice is to reopen a comment period for 30 days to solicit recommendations from the Board of Directors of the Home Energy Rating Systems Council and comments from all interested persons (including state, and local governments, utilities, builders, real estate agents, lenders, agencies in mortgage markets, and others) with respect to three components of the guidelines: (1) air infiltration levels for the reference and the rated home; (2) heating, air conditioning and hot water equipment for the reference home; and (3) the phased-in compliance levels.

  • Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

    This web page provides links to information resources and technical assistance available from the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development. The Center, operated by the Denver Regional Support Office for the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, relies on federal, state, and local agencies to assist community developers throughout the United States by providing world class consultation and information on sustainable development -- a new planning strategy that involves deliberate efforts to enhance local economies and environments as well as their quality of life.

  • Mideast Oil Forever?

    This online article, copied from the April 1996 issue (Volume 277, No. 4, pp. 57-74) of Atlantic Monthly, describes the current congressional attack on energy research and how this attack is threatening the U.S. economy, environment, and national security. The article, written by the U.S. Department of Energy's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Joseph J. Romm, and Deputy Secretary of Energy, Charles B. Curtis, examines the current trend toward increased American reliance on foreign oil in direct contrast to the coming revolution in energy and environmental technologies made possible by Federal investments over the past 20 years.

  • Federal Register

    The Federal Register is the official publication for Presidential Documents and Executive Orders as well as Notices, Rules and Proposed Rules from Federal Agencies and Organizations. This data base for the 1995 and 1996 Federal Register (volumes 60 and 61) is offered online through the U.S. Government Printing Office's GPO Access server. Each Federal Register document is available as both an ASCII text file and as an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) BBS Web Site

    The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) and EREN are the two components of the "Customer Service Center" within the U.S. DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. EREC has recently facilitated access to its dial-in computer bulletin board system (BBS) through EREN and the World Wide Web. From the EREC BBS Web site, people can access a "Master List" of over 500 files that can be downloaded and viewed from file libraries on the system; submit inquiries electronically to EREC specialists through their "Ask an Energy Expert" request form; browse BBS file libraries; and download Windows-based communications freeware, tips for making energy-smart purchases, a glossary of energy terms, a current list of announcements and conferences, and a list of government and professional referrals.

  • Sustainable Building Sourcebook

    The Sustainable Building Sourcebook was originally developed and published to promote environmentally responsible practices in home-building and to complement the efforts of the city of Austin, Texas' Green Builder Program. This electronic version of the Sourcebook contains information to educate and inform readers on pertinent aspects and general guidelines of applying unconventional approaches to building homes. While the Sourcebook is written for those in the building trades, it contains useful information for anyone interested in saving water and energy, locating environmentally friendly building materials, and handling household solid waste responsibly. Each resource section and the appendices are hyperlinked for easy navigation.

  • UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment

    This Web site sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment supports incorporating environmental aspects into global energy planning and policy development. The Centre's home page offers: links to selected research projects and activities in developing countries; a list of Centre publications; access to related online publications, a Training Manual for Integrated Resources Planning, online proceedings from the June 1994 Copenhagen Conference - National Action to Mitigate Global Climate Change, UN and other international web sites; and identification of newsletters addressing energy and environment issues.

  • Oikos

    The Oikos site serves "professionals whose work promotes sustainable design and construction." Billed as the "Green Construction Source," the Oikos home page provides information on building materials, products, and techniques to make new construction or remodeling projects more energy- efficient and environmentally responsible.

  • Stanford Geothermal Program

    The Stanford University Geothermal Program's Web site is devoted to the development of reservoir engineering techniques to allow for the production U.S. geothermal resources. Available at this home page are: 1996 project descriptions; information for applying for their graduate study program in geothermal reservoir eingineering; program background information; downloadable measurement results from recent experiments; research plans; staff biographies and descriptions of their current research activities and results; technical reports; and links to other sources of geothermal information and products.

  • Bergey Windpower Co.

    Bergey Windpower Co. manufactures small wind turbines. Included on their Web site are selections for: a wind energy tutorial; frequently asked questions; technical topics; case studies/typical users; Bergey Windpower articles and news; and Bergey Windpower products.

  • GreenWheels Electric Car Company

    The GreenWheels home page provides access to the GreenWheels Guide to Products and Services, electric vehicle images, and the EV Resource List.

  • U.S. Agency for International Development Environmental and Energy Study Institute

    The Environmental and Energy Study Institute's web pages include information about the Institute and statistical graphs relating to U.S. development assistance.

  • Home Power Magazine

    This Web site provides background information on Home Power Magazine, the "Hands-On Journal of Home-Made Power." Visitors to this site have access to an online subscription form; a schematic of a typical, small-scale renewable energy system complete with component descriptions; a U.S. solar radiation map and data set; a downloadable index of past magazine articles; and instructions for writing articles for Home Power.

  • Delft University of Technology Institute for Wind Energy

    This is the home page of the Institute for Wind Energy at Delft University. Historical background information about the Institute and its current staff; descriptions of research projects, facilities, and master thesis programs; and a bibliography of reports and papers published by the Institute from 1992 through 1995 are available at this site.

  • EcoElectric Corporation

    EcoElectric Corporation's "EcoLinkEV" home page is dedicated to electric vehicle (EV) technologies. Included on this Web site are selections for: news and hot topics; postings of commonly asked questions about EVs; assessments of the current EV job market; a calendar of local, national, and international events; links to and identification of other EV resources on and off the Internet; a description of the company's history, staff, and vehicle conversion services; and access to an online product catalog.

  • Sierra Solar Systems

    The Sierra Solar Systems Web site provides product information on solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) components and systems and alternative fuel appliances for independently powered homes. Also available are details for ordering Sierra Solar's product catalog, a case study entitled, "High-tech telecommuting from a solar-electric mountainside home," and a listing of do-it-yourself PV system design publications.

  • Tellus Institute Energy Group

    The Tellus Institute conducts studies on environment, resource, and development issues. The Tellus Energy Group Web site allows access to descriptions of their research programs, links to staff e-mail address forms, current issues of the Energy Report online newsletter, background on their most recent studies and reports, and complete research papers in some cases.

  • Renewable Energy for Development

    This Web site provides online access to multiple issues of the newsletter, Renewable Energy for Development, published by the Energy, Environment and Development Programme at the Stockholm Environment Institute.

  • Muenster University Wind Energy Research Group

    Muenster University's Wind Energy Research Group site offers information about current and prospective wind power market development in Germany and other countries, wind climatology maps and resource data, current generation capacity data, planning guidelines and regulations, and recent media coverage. All content accessible under this home page is currently presented in German.

  • Renewables for Sustainable Village Power

    The Renewables for Sustainable Village Power (RSVP) site contains information on the implementation of renewable energy systems in remote villages. It highlights the activities of this National Renewable Energy Laboratory program including: technology development, systems' analyses, resource assessment and technical assistance functions, and sustainable community development and international research exchange activities.

  • Final Rule and Guidebook for the Alternative Fuel Transportation Program

    This DOE Office of Transportation Technologies site on the Alternative Fuels Data Center Web server allows access to two documents: 1) the "Final Rule for the Alternative Fuel Transportation Program" requiring states and alternative fuel providers to acquire alternative fueled vehicles as a specific percentage of their light duty vehicle acquisitions; and 2) a "Guidebook" for states, fuel providers, and others to help them understand the specifics of the "Final Rule."


    Recent additions to EREN.

    April 17, 1997

  • Geothermal Technologies Program - U.S. Department of Energy

    Billed as "...your source of information on geothermal energy, from the history of geothermal applications to the latest technological developments," the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Geothermal Technologies Web site provides descriptions of the systems that can be used to generate electricity and heat space and water. Publications such as the latest federal program overview and research summaries; photos, diagrams, and specifications of actual installations; a glossary of industry terms; design and modeling software; solicitations for proposals issued by the DOE program; and links to related organizational Web sites are among the many resources that are contained here.

  • Center for Environmental Education

    The Center for Environmental Education (CEE) offers materials to schools, environmentalists, government agencies and individuals, maintains a large lending library, and conducts teacher workshops. Browsing CEE's online databases reveals that many of the books, videos, curricula, and other resources cited therein relate to energy efficiency and renewable technologies. Energy-related resources that can be ordered through this site include the "Green School Program" and "Blueprint For A Green School," and the Ask CEE section of this server contains an article titled, "Zero Waste Lunch," that identifies various recycling options.

  • Electric Fuel Corporation

    The Electric Fuel Corporation creates cooperative business ventures with companies and other groups to build electric vehicle fleets and test and demonstrate its battery technology under real world conditions. Attributes of Electric Fuel's zinc-air battery including its energy capacity, refueling and anode regeneration processes, contact information, and the latest issue of the company's newsletter are included on this company's server.

  • National Residential Energy Services Network

    According to its home page, the National Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) seeks to "...develop a national market for home energy rating systems and energy efficient mortgages." RESNET's Web site offers a primer on home energy rating systems, an electronic copy of "Financing Energy Efficiency -- A Handbook for Lenders," information on how to become a member, a comprehensive list of home energy rating system programs now operating, a current directory of RESNET members, and contact information for certified home energy raters, lenders of energy efficient mortgages, and the Network's sponsors (the National Association of State Energy Offices and Energy Rated Homes of America).

  • RESNET Notes

    RESNET Notes newsletter informs members of the National Residential Energy Services Network of developments in residential energy efficiency financing twice each month. Back issues of this newsletter dating from late 1995 to the present can be viewed online while at this site.

    April 9, 1997

  • Arkenol, Inc.

    Using a concentrated acid hydrolysis process, Arkenol converts biomass feedstocks into simple sugars to produce chemicals and transportation fuels in the "biorefineries" it constructs and operates worldwide. Presented at this Web site are project development and process descriptions, a diagram of the biorefinery concept, identification of Arkenol's issued and pending patents, articles and press releases about the company and its activities, and answers to frequently asked questions about Arkenol, its technology, feedstocks, and resulting products.

  • Beijing Energy Efficiency Center

    Supported by Chinese government institutions and other organizations such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Beijing Energy Efficiency Center (BECon) seeks to promote energy efficiency and environmental protection in China. BECon conducts policy research and market surveys, offers consulting services, disseminates information, and provides training and technical demonstrations. An introduction to BECon and its activities; a listing of its senior advisors, founders, and staff; examples of potential business opportunities; details for accessing the quarterly China Energy Bulletin; and an online form to submit information requests to the Center are available on this server.

  • Clean Energy Finance

    Edited by Michael Philips of Energy Ventures International, Clean Energy Finance brings "News About Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investment in Emerging Markets" to the World Wide Web. Download the first four issues of this newsletter or submit an e-mail request to the publisher (Winrock International) for a free hard copy subscription while on the Clean Energy Finance home page.

  • Communications International, Inc.

    Communications International, Inc. supplies packaged photovoltaic and wind energy systems and related equipment as well as solar-powered outdoor lights and solar pool heating kits. Application diagrams, product and system specifications and prices, and CI contact information are posted here.

  • Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc.

    According to information posted on the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. (SESCI) Web site, wind energy, cogeneration, small hydro, solar energy, and waste wood or biomass are the most promising sources of sustainable energy for Canada in the near term. Publications lists for the Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario (IPPSO), directories of links to related Web sites, identification of educational materials and training programs available in Canada and across the globe, excerpts from IPPSO Facto magazine, and a table of contents and ordering information for SESCI's Canadian Renewable Energy Guide are among the materials provided on this server.

    April 1, 1997

  • Spire Corporation

    Spire manufactures equipment and supplies complete production lines for fabricating solar (photovoltaic or PV) cells and modules. Descriptions of its PV cell and module fabrication and testing equipment, a graphic cutaway view of a PV module produced using Spire technology, and contact information for this world renown corporation are among the materials posted on this server.

  • Low Keep Refrigeration Co.

    "Ozone friendly," refrigerators and freezers that are efficient enough to be powered by wind and photovoltaic systems are the mainstay of the Low Keep Refrigeration Company. On Low Keep's Web site, specifications and prices for these units, ordering information, and a basic diagram of an alternative energy system can be found.

  • Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc.

    Signs, docks, transit shelters, parks, and billboards all can be illuminated with systems made by Solar Outdoor Lighting (SOL). In addition to product schematics and system specifications, photographs of actual installations, copies of company press releases and testimonials, and a frequently asked questions section about SOL products are posted on this Web site.

  • Technologies for Energy Management

    To help energy management professionals choose and apply systems that will ensure successful programs, the Technologies for Energy Management newsletter provides product reviews and assessments, research and field test results, and evaluations of installation and operations techniques. Through this home page, download a sample issue of the newsletter, obtain details about subscribing, and learn of other Cutter Information Corporation products such as the Energy Design Update newsletter and the 1997 Energy Products Directory.

  • Energy Design Update

    Much like the Technologies for Energy Management Web site, the Energy Design Update site offers a sample issue of the "Monthly Newsletter on Energy-Efficient Housing" for downloading, subscription and publisher contact information, and access to the home pages of other Cutter Information Corporation products. Browsers of this site can also review recent tables of contents of the newsletter and order back issues while online.

    March 26, 1997

  • Solar Now

    Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, The Solar Now Project is "... dedicated to education and research of alternative energy sources around the world, with particular emphasis on photovoltaics." On the Solar Now Web site, learn more about the Project and some of its programs such as the Junior Solar Sprint, take an online tour of an actual solar electric system installed at Beverly High School in Beverly, Massachusetts, and read instructions posted in the Kids Corner for making a pizza box solar oven.

  • Home Energy Saver

    The Home Energy Saver Web site was developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab with financial support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program. Here access is provided to an online simulator allowing users to input specifications and model the energy consumption of a 'Virtual Home,' estimates of home energy costs by region, and information to save money and prevent pollution through the application of energy efficiency measures. The Home Energy Saver's 'Librarian' also offers access to a wide spectrum of electronic information and Internet resources related to building energy efficiency measures and programs.

  • EnerAction, Inc.

    Provided on the EnerAction server is an Energy Design Tips section as well as information about FenSpec software for locating various fenestration products (glazings, windows, doors, and skylights) by their performance characteristics. While browsing this site, read about the company's consulting and analysis services for new and existing buildings and access some of the other sites identified in the energy, building, and lighting categories of the WebLinks resource section.

  • Go Solar

    Go Solar specializes in the design and installation of solar pool and watering heating systems and solar electric and wind energy generation systems. The company also distributes solar-powered toys and educational kits from an office showroom that has operated free of utility generated electricity since 1993. Visit Go Solar's Web site to learn more about its products and services and to order a copy of the new "Solar Electric Design Guide and Catalog."

  • National Energy Foundation

    Teachers and students (K-12) looking for information to prepare for an upcoming science fair should come to the National Energy Foundation's home page. The publication, "Science Projects in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency," back issues of NEF's newsletter, "The Energist," and colorful posters depicting renewable energy technologies are among the materials that can be ordered through this site.

    March 19, 1997

  • Canadian Earth Energy Association

    The Canadian Earth Energy Association promotes ground-source heat pump (GSHP) installations and "...earth energy as a viable option in Canada's energy future." For home and building owners interested in applying the technology, this Web site provides information about how GSHP systems work, their efficiencies, costs, comfort, and environmental benefits, applications, and related installation and performance issues.

  • Conserval Solarwall

    Conserval Engineering's Solarwall is a simple solar heating system consisting of metal wall cladding and an air handler. Solarwall was designed for use in large buildings such as apartments, warehouses, and commercial structures and for applications such as crop drying. The company's Web site contends that this system heats intake air while improving indoor air quality and heat distribution, provides summer cooling, and offers decreased maintenance costs. Descriptions of Solarwall and its applications, awards won by the system, product support and consulting services available from Conserval, and a listing of its dealer offices are posted on this server.

  • National Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy

    Initiated in 1995 by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) contains the results of a national survey of the 50 American states gathering information on financial and regulatory incentives that promote the application of renewable energy technologies. The data and information accessible here are compiled and presented by the North Carolina Solar Center for the Interstate Renewable Energy Council to allow state energy agencies to analyze and replicate successful programs.

  • National Affordable Housing Network

    A trip to the National Affordable Housing Network home page reveals how this organization: provides houseplans, technical support, and demonstrations for incorporating energy-saving and resource-efficient measures in rehabilitated and manufactured housing; offers assistance to housing organizations serving the disadvantaged; and facilitates partnerships between utilities and low-cost housing providers. Be sure to read the summary, "Maximum Energy Savings in Affordable Housing: The Montana Superinsulation Project Results," while browsing this site.

  • Madison Gas and Electric

    Madison Gas and Electric Company is an investor-owned, public utility that serves thousands of customers in south central Wisconsin. Of particular interest on this company's server are downloadable brochures such as "Appliance Energy Costs," "Loans for Energy-Efficiency Improvements," "Lighting," and "Security Lighting" (posted in the Home Energy section). Other portions of this site describe model programs offered by Madison Gas and Electric such as their Educational Services (featured in the Learning Center section) and Business Efficiency Consultation Service (presented in the Business and Community Development section).

    February 28, 1997

  • Budget-in-Brief: Fiscal Year 1998

    This publication describes how programs from within DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy continue to improve the environmental quality, energy security, public health, and economic productivity of the United States. Revealed in the document are program appropriations for fiscal years 1996 and 1997, funding requests for fiscal year 1998, and overviews of planned activities for the following Offices: Utility Technologies; Industrial Technologies; Transportation Technologies; Building Technology, State and Community Programs; and the Federal Energy Management Program.

    February 26, 1997

  • APP-TECH Inc.

    APP-TECH's home page features descriptions of it energy consultation, design, and engineering services. Services described on APP-Tech site include: compiling documentation for building energy code compliance and utility rebate eligibility, analyzing building energy consumption, designing energy-efficient lighting systems, modeling daylighting options, calculating heating and cooling loads, and performing solar site feasibility assessments.

  • Iowa Energy Center

    The Iowa Energy Center (IEC) conducts and sponsors research to reduce the state's dependence on imported fuels by promoting the use of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies. Consequently, the IEC Web site contains electronic copies of some of its "Home Series" publications for energy conscious consumers; offers information about the Office's mission, staff, and scheduled events; yields descriptions of its research grant initiatives, loan programs, and facilities; and establishes links to other related sites.

  • Oak Ridge Centers for Manufacturing Technology

    Established by the U.S. Department of Energy, the Oak Ridge Centers for Manufacturing Technology (ORCMT) transfer technologies and assist American manufacturers in becoming more productive and competitive in the global marketplace. The ORCMT Web site supplies information about the personnel, equipment, resources, and other core capabilities that are available through its individual centers. Improving the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technologies is one of many specific ORCMT tasks covered in information posted on this server.

    February 20, 1997

  • IAEEL Newsletter

    The International Association for Energy-Efficient Lighting (IAEEL) classifies itself as a "...global contact network and an information resource for high quality, energy-efficient lighting." Current and back issues of all IAEEL newsletters are provided electronically on this site.

  • Holly Solar Power Products

    This site offers product information and digital images of solar electric (photovoltaic) systems, balance-of-system equipment, and low-voltage, direct current appliances (charge controllers, fuse panels, battery disconnects, fans, light devices, etc.) in an on-line catalog format. Ordering information and links to other alternative energy Web sites (including a featured "Alternative Energy Web Site of the Month") are also presented on the Holly Solar Power Products server.

  • Proctor Engineering Group

    Utility energy efficiency and demand-side management programs created and applied by Proctor Engineering Group are described in reports posted on this company's Web site. Read the lessons learned from past program experiences, review PEG's published papers and articles, and learn more about the company, its staff, and its products and services while browsing pages here.

    February 12, 1997

  • British Wind Energy Association

    Promoting the use of wind power in the United Kingdom and throughout the World is the mission of the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA). A visit to the BWEA Web site affords viewing of more than 20 of the Association's fact sheets with such titles as: "The Economics of Wind Energy," Can We Rely on the Wind?" and "Calculating Environmental Benefits." A copy of BWEA's policy statement, information on its general activities and organizational goals, details about the BWEA 19 annual conference, and links to other wind energy sites are included on this server.

  • Simpler Solar Systems, Inc.

    A demonstration copy of "The World of Solar" software (version 2.0) can be downloaded from the Simpler Solar Systems Web site. This program contains system design diagrams, sizing tables, component specifications, and other pertinent information to assist people interested in applying solar electric systems and passive solar features in their homes. Images, component specifications, and characteristics of the company's electric vehicles and its solar-powered water pumping, pond aeration, and electric vehicle charging systems are provided here.

  • Residential Energy Efficiency Database

    REED (the Residential Energy Efficiency Database) is a source of technical and educational information on energy-efficient home design and construction. Subscribers to this searchable database may reproduce diagrams, text, drawings or house plans stored in REED. Take REED's Guest Tour and explore the content presented in these major categories: indoor air quality, energy-efficient housing, air/vapor barriers, insulation, attics, and residential electrical usage. The site also includes a What's New section, a collection of energy-saving tips for homeowners, a glossary of related terms, and an annotated list of links to related sources of information.

    February 5, 1997

  • West Texas State University Alternative Energy Institute

    The Alternative Energy Institute (AEI) is the major resource in Texas for information on wind and other renewable energy technologies. A visit to the Institute's Web site yields descriptions of its training programs, information products, and consultation and design services as well as access to its online brochures, pamphlets, and report abstracts.

  • Graywater Heat Recovery System: GFX

    GFX is a new plumbing product developed under a U.S. Department of Energy grant to capture waste heat from recycled shower and sink graywater. Product literature (specifications, costs, application examples, installation guidelines) and an online form for ordering additional information are available from the GFX Web site.

  • World Bank Power Development, Efficiency and Household Fuels Division

    The Power Development, Efficiency and Household Fuels Division of the World Bank "...provides leadership in ...power sector reform and restructuring, energy efficiency and conservation, rural and household energy, renewable energy mainstreaming, and environmentally sound energy development." Links to pages highlighting related World Bank programs; downloadable brochures, program descriptions, and reports; and summaries of numerous World Bank policy, technical, discussion, and working papers are among the many resources available here.

    January 28, 1997

  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association

    Through education and demonstration, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association protects the environment by promoting the application of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. A visit to the MREA Web site yields information about the organization and its education and training activities. While here, be sure to read about some of the training sessions offered at the upcoming MREA Energy Fair as well as MREA's Educational Institute workshops conducted throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.

  • Enertron

    According to its home page, Enertron specializes in energy-efficient lighting and is an "ally" in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Lights Program. Basic information about the company, e-mail links to company contacts in several divisions (customer service, sales, production, engineering, system administration), and links to related Web sites are currently available.

  • National Awards Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

    The U.S, Department of Energy's 1996 National Awards Program for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy recognizes the efforts of individuals, organizations, small and large businesses, government agencies and others that have applied innovative measures to solve energy-related problems. Included in this document are descriptions of award-winning projects such as: a self-sustaining fund established for energy efficiency improvements in University buildings, a "sustainable energy" middle school curriculum developed for sixth-grade science students, and the application of a new commercial glass production process (oxyfuel firing) that reduces both energy input requirements and harmful process emissions.

    January 21, 1997

  • Conservation News

    This is the Web site for a quarterly newsletter published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Facilities Management and Service Division. As the name implies, Conservation News provides information to help EPA staff and the general public learn about energy and water conservation efforts underway at EPA facilities.

  • Canadian Renewable Fuels Association

    According to its home page, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) is "...dedicated to development and promotion of biomass-based, environmentally beneficial transportation fuels..." Within the Ethanol Information Centre are posted brief factoids on such topics as the environmental friendliness of ethanol and fuel ethanol's relationship to the food supply. The Biodiesel Information Centre contains recent information about this promising fuel, while Canada's Ethanol Retailers Directory offers data bases identifying bulk purchase facilities and ethanol-blended gasoline retailers across the country.

  • WaterFurnace International Inc.

    Information on WaterFurnace International's products and services are provided on this company's Web site. A discussion of the attributes of geothermal heat pumps, case studies of actual system installations, product specifications, and links to consultants, specialists, and other company representatives are offered at this site.

    January 14, 1997

  • Manx Wind Energy Services

    Specializing in "technology transfer to developing countries," Manx Wind Energy designs, installs and services stand-alone and grid-connected renewable energy systems (wind, solar electric, microhydro, hybrid and diesel hybrid) around the world. System configuration diagrams, photos, product literature and component specifications, and brief examples of system applications are among the resources posted on the Manx Wind Energy server.

  • Renewable Fuels Association

    The motto for the Renewable Fuels Association is "Promoting the increased production and use of ethanol, ETBE, and E-85." Come to the home page for the ethanol industry's national trade organization to obtain the agenda and registration form for the upcoming National Conference on Ethanol Policy and Marketing, access position papers from members of the Association about the status of the industry, take an online quiz to determine your knowledge of the potential for alcohol fuels, download electronic copies of the Association's most recent newsletters and press releases, browse the calendar of upcoming industry events, and acquire in-depth information about this organization.

  • Soltek Solar Energy Ltd.

    Soltek Solar Energy Ltd. specializes in supplying turn key, direct current power systems for remote applications and is one of Canada's largest suppliers of solar electric (photovoltaic or PV) products. Introductions to PV technology, the company, its services, capabilities, and products are presented here.

    January 7, 1997

  • Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency

    The Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) is responsible for developing policies that promote the efficient use of energy and renewable energy resources and increase cooperation in the deployment of energy efficiency initiatives among all levels of the state's government. Information about OEE's commercial and industrial, education and public awareness, and residential services are posted here. Some of the content available on this site includes descriptions of OEE's Home Energy Ratings of Ohio Foundation, Weatherization Assistance Program, and Ohio Weatherization Training Center.

  • Enertia Building Systems

    The features of an Enertia Building Systems' prefabricated "kit" home (solid wood walls with no insulation, air channels within the walls, and geothermal and passive solar heating) allow it to function as "natural heat pump." According to the company's Web site, the result is a customized home that is environmentally friendly, comfortable in most climates, and a net energy producer. Come to the Enertia Building Systems "Home" page to visit their Gallery of Homes as well as to learn about design and construction options, business opportunities available with the company, and the economic advantages of this system of construction.

  • Echo Systeme

    Echo Systeme provides design, installation, and consultation services for applying solar water and space heating systems, renewable energy generation systems (photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric), solar cookers, and other alternative energy technologies. The content for the Echo Systeme Web site is presented entirely in French and includes educational information and detailed schematics for many of the systems the company services.

  • Klimaschutzaktion Nordlicht

    Social psychologists at Kiel University use leaflets and other mechanisms in their attempt to influence the transportation and residential energy consumption behavior of Klimaschutzaktion Nordlicht campaign participants and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Nordlicht (Northern Lights) team encourages citizens, communities, organizations, businesses and institutions throughout Germany and in surrounding countries to print leaflets with their organizational logos included and distribute them. Come to the Klimaschutzaktion Nordlicht Web site to review interim results of the campaign, read one the campaign leaflets distributed, and gather additional material about this unique environmental effort.

  • Quantum Consulting, Inc.

    With a staff of professionals situated in five satellite offices across the U.S., Quantum Consulting, Inc. performs end-use energy metering (EUM) data collection for customers in the residential and commercial/industrial sectors. Browse the Quantum server to acquire more information about its software tools developed for utility customer research and its field, market assessment, engineering modeling and analysis, and Internet information services.

    January 3, 1997

  • Solar Institute Juelich

    The Fachhochschule Aachen Polytechnic's Solar Institute - Juelich conducts research and development on decentralized electric, hybrid, and thermal energy systems. While browsing the Institute's Web site, be sure to read about the Jeulich Department's plans for constructing a new solar campus, its demonstration projects of solar thermal (heating water, cooking, sterilization, and desalination of sea water), photovoltaic, and hybrid photovoltaic/wind energy system applications, the renewable energy training and coursework it offers, and the joint research and demonstrations its students and faculty perform with other schools and government agencies in foreign countries.

  • El Paso Solar Energy Association

    The El Paso Solar Energy Association seeks to hasten the application of solar technologies in northern and southern New Mexico and western Texas. Posted on the Association's Web server are common sense tips for saving energy; articles describing the features of sun-tempered, passive solar, adobe, and straw bale homes; introductory information for constructing solar stills, solar cookers, and "batch" solar water heaters; background information about the Public Service Company of New Mexico's Student Energy Education Development (SEED) project; and details for ordering EPSEA information products.

  • Photocomm, Inc.

    According to its home page, Photocomm is "...the nation's largest publicly-owned manufacturer and marketer of wireless solar electric power systems." Information about the company, its products and services, and a list of its applications/products for stand-alone photovoltaic systems are presented.

  • Phoenix Chapter Electric Auto Association

    A wealth of resources for would-be electric vehicle (EV) devotees is available on the Web site for the Phoenix Chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA). Information about the EAA, membership guidelines, and facts about U.S. dependence on foreign oil imports, electric vehicle history, and the recycling of lead-acid batteries are posted here. The site also affords access to a repository of frequently asked questions, general guidelines for building an EV, alphabetical and categorized links to related sites, a calendar of national EV events, articles and papers from recent issues of Electromotive Technology News, and photos of converted EVs and of a vehicle conversion in progress. Discussion groups, links to electric and alternative-fueled vehicle businesses, and bibliographies of EV publications are among the other features of this site.

  • Eole

    Located in Quebec, Canada, Eole is an initiative of French-speaking countries to promote wind energy technologies. The Eole Web site is presented entirely in French and offers historical information on and images of windmills and wind energy conversion systems; discussions of the attributes of large- and medium-scale turbines, the issues relating to wind energy as a "green" power source, and how the technology works; a summary of the applications of wind turbines worldwide; details about the largest vertical access turbine installation in the world located in Quebec; an online atlas with links to wind speed data for Canada, the U.S., France, and other locations; economic information about the technology; and a global list of equipment manufacturers.

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