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An agricultural testament
Asking the earth:the spread of unsustainable development
Bacterial systematics
Beyond intellectual property:toward traditional resource rights for indigenous peoples and local...
Bhopal the inside story:carbide workers speak out on the World's worst industrial disaster
Biodiversity and global change
Biodiversity dynamics and conservation:the freshwater fish of tropical Africa
Biodiversity in managed landscapes:theory and practice
Biodiversity information: needs and options
Biodiversity loss:economics and ecological issues
Biodiversity of microorganisms and invertebrates:its role in sustainable agriculture
Biodiversity, science and development:towards a new partnership
Biodiversity: A biology of numbers and difference
Biodiversity: measurement and estimation
Biological monitoring of the environment: a manual of methods
Biopolitics: a feminist and ecological reader on biotechnology
Biotechnology: science, engg. and ethical challenges for the twenty first century
Birds of Europe (CD-ROM)
Blueprint for a green economy
CABIKEY to major beetle familiies (CD-ROM)
Cambridge encyclopedia of human evolution
Canadian intellectual property review (Vol. 10 and 11; No. 1)
Conservation and biodiversity
Conservation biology: the theory and practice of nature conservation preservation and management
Conservation of plant biodiversity
Crisis in Indian Fisheries
Dark victory:the United States, structural adjustment and global poverty
Dealing in diversity:America's market for nature conservation
Designing conservation projects
Diagnostic bacteriology protocols
Ecological census techniques: a handbook
Ecologies of the heart: emotion, belief, and the environment
Ecology in education
Economics and ecology of biodiversity decline the forces driving global change
Economics of the tropical timber trade
Ecosystem geography
Endangered rainforests and the fight for survival. Vol.1.
Endangered rainforests and the fight for survival. Vol.2.
Environmental modelling with GIS
Environmental regulation and impact assessment
Environmental remote sensing from regional to global scales
Evaluation and assessment for conservation: ecological guidelines for determining priorities for...
Evaluation of forensic: DNA evidence
Experiments in ecology: their logical design and interpretation using analysis of variance
Florae indicae enumeratio: monocotyledonae
Forests, dams and survival in Tehri Garhwal
Freshwater ecosystems: revitalizing educational programs in limnology
Fungal genetics:principles and practice
Fungi and environmental change
Fungi of India:list and references
Future of North-South relations: conflict or cooperation?
GATT agreements:results of the Uruguay round
Global action for biodiversity: An international framework for implementing the convention on....
Global biodiversity assessment
Global change and terrestrial ecosystems
Harvest of devastation:the industrialization of agriculture and its human and environmental....
Heads and tails
Human body shop:the engineering and marketing of life
Ignoring reason, inviting disaster: Threat to Ganga-Himalaya. Tehri book.
Industrial ecology and global change
Insect conservation biology
Intellectual property protection in India:a practical guide for scientists, technologists and other
Intellectual property rights and biodiversity conservation: an interdisciplinary analysis of the...
Land mosaics: the ecology of landscapes and regions
Landscape heterogeneity and disturbance
Large-scale ecology and conservation biology
Last oasis:facing water scarcity
Lichen biology
Mapping the diversity of nature
Microbial culture
Microbial diversity and ecosystem function
Microbial enzymes and biotechnology
Modern science in crisis: a third world response
Monitoring for conservation and ecology
North Australian Sea Cucumbers (CD-ROM)
North, the south and the environment:ecological constraints and the global economy
One-straw revolution:an introduction to natural farming
Overcoming illusions about biotechnology
Patterns in evolution: The new molecular view
People and protected areas:towards participatory conservation in India
Pesticide problems, legislation and consumer action in the third world: the Malaysian experience
Plant genetic conservation: The in-situ approach
Primer of ecological theory
Quantitative methods in landscape ecology:the analysis and interpretation of landscape heterogeneity
Rainforest destruction:causes, effects and false solutions
Readings from conservation biology:the landscape perspective
Rediscovering geography: New relevance for science and society
Research profile of biotechnology activities in Inida: a directory
Return to the good earth:damaging effects of modern agriculture and the case for ecological farming
Screening foreign investments: an environmental guide for policy makers and NGOs
Seeds industry of India: seeds of plenty or seeds of discontent
Seeds of change: five plants that transformed mankind
Species diversity in space and time
Struggle for land and fate of the forests
Timber production and biodiversity conservation in tropical rain forests
Toxic terror:dumping of hazardous wastes in the third world
Tropical ecosystems:a synthesis of tropical ecology and conservation
Tropical forestry action plan: what progress?
Upstream:salmon and society in the pacific northwest
Uruguay round and third world soverignty
Vital signs 1996: the trends that are shaping our future
Waite group's Unix communications and the internet
Wild life issues in the changing world
Work of nature: how the diversity of life sustains us
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