ESTABLISHED: 28 October 1994

MISSION: The Commission's goal is to integrate economic and social development with the needs of environmental protection (sustainable development). The Commission will foster discussions and catalyze actions in the government, initiate and participate in the preparation of environmental programmes for the protection of Poland's inhabitants, and coordinate such programmes. In particular, it will: 1) carry out periodic reviews of compliance with sustainable development requirements in the following areas: industry, energy, transport, agriculture, space, municipalities, privatisation, health and other policies, development programmes, economic restructuring, existing law and fulfillment of international obligations; 2) formulate opinions, recommendations, conclusions, and proposals for the Council of Ministers regarding sustainable development implementation; 3) cooperate in the preparation of reports on the implementation of the Global Action Programme (Agenda 21) as requested by the United Nations, and promote Polish achievements and needs in this respect; 4) prepare opinions on the actions undertaken within the international conventions ratified by Poland and other multilateral agreements in the field of environmental protection; and 5) coordinate the preparations for the 1997 National Report on the implementation of Agenda 21.


a. COMPOSITION (Number of members per sector):

Ministries and governmental agencies:      27
Non-Governmental Organizations:             0
Academic/Research Institutions:             2
Business/Productive Sector:                 0
Others:                                     0
TOTAL NUMBER OF MEMBERS:                   29

CHAIR:  Stanislaw Zelichowski, Minister of Environmental Protection,
Natural Resources and Forestry
VICE-CHAIRS:  Edward Nowak, Ministry of Industry and Trade
Jósef Zegar, Central Office of Planning
Andrzej Urban, Ministry of Spatial Economy and Housing
Kazimierz Chlopecki, National Fund for Environmental Protection and 
Water Management
Feliks Dela, State Fire Brigade
Zofia Fischer-Malankowska, Polish Academy of Science
Krystyna Grodzinska, Committee for Scientific Research
Marian Grzesiak, Central Statistical Office
Wieslaw Jaszczynski, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Leszek Juchniewicz, Ministry of Privatization
Jerzy Kaminski, Ministry for Foreign Economic Cooperation 
Leszek Krzywosinski, Polish Normalization Committee
Kazimierz Madej, Ministry of National Defense
Bohdan Marciniak, The Office of the Council of Ministers
Anna Michalik, Central Standards Office
Iwona Mofiko, Central Customs Office
Robert Mroziewicz, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Marian Nasiadko, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Economy
Maciej Nowicki, UN Committee for Sustainable Development
Ryszard Pazura, Ministry of Finance
Tadeusz Polak, Ministry of Culture and Art
Wlodzimierz Ryms, Ministry of Justice
Miroslaw Sawicki, Ministry of National Education
Tadeusz Szozda, Ministry of Transport and Marine Economy
Andrzej Walewski, State Inspectorate of Environmental Protection
Czeslaw Wieckowski, Ministry of Environmental Protection, 
Natural Resources and Forestry
Janusz Zaleski, The Office of the Council of Ministers
SECRETARY:  Marek Haliniak, Ministry of Environmental Protection, 
Natural Resources and Forestry

The Commission is divided into three working groups:  Environmental Policy,
Sustainable Development in the Economic Policy of Poland, 
and Economic and Consumption Aspects.